Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Internet Love: Racefriv's Top three Youtube channels.

So you got about 70 hours to waste? Good then Ive got you covered. Over the past year or so Ive come to the conclusion that there is really is no reason for TV anymore. The production values on some of these youtube channels are second only to Top Gear and usually something so much better than you would see on TV. So ready to lose a few days of productivity? Great. Ill put the playlist links below and after the jump Ive put a few selections of my favorites out of the playlist, start with those and hold on to your butts.

 Petrolicious                                               Launch Control                                            XCAR  

XCAR seems to be kinda all over the place on what they cover. Sometimes its like a documentary, sometimes it resembles a Top Gear episode with a British bloke reviewing a car. Either way they are always good. Here are my top two choices.

Launch Control -
Launch Control covers one thing. Subaru's doing what Subaru's do best, rally'ing of some sort. Its a paid for by Subaru thing covering the adventures of the Subaru Rally Team America and the GRC Rally Cross team. The narrator has the greatest voice this side of Morgan Freeman and the photography is spectacular. Good on Subaru for taking rally coverage into there own hands. For my favorite two Ill put down last years finale and this years episode one to get you hooked.

Petrolicious -
Petrolicious does an amazing job of just letting the owner and the car speak for itself. No fancy narrator, no crazy graphics all over the place, just pure car porn at its best. What I like a lot about Petrolicious is that one week it will cover a one of a kind Ferrari and the next an old Honda. Awesome.

Thanks for looking, hope I helped you discover a few more places to get lost in.


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