Wednesday, June 18, 2014

SOWO Highlight - Corvair Sickness

I rarely do this here on racefriv, usually I just clump together everything awesome I saw in a show and maybe within the post do a little high light of a car. But that would be a disservice to this Corvair. John Ludwick's Corvair is just about the sickest car I came across at Sowo and thats saying alot. This car was cruising on air bags and he had a 1200 mile drive to make it down to Helen. Thats right this car drove, not trailered, 1200 miles form New Hampshire just to make it to Sowo, that is dedication. Click read more to see a few more snaps of this neck breaker. 

UNSAFE on the tag was very appropriate. Old metal like this always intrigues the mind, something about some old Detroit steel that get the blood flowing. 

And when its in this natural ruined state it ticks the boxes even more, however this body has seen some changes including a mild chop  and of course a drop so low it picks up loose change off the ground.

I cant imagine driving this thing for 1200 miles one way, but Im sure it lead to some stories. You can follow John @thebrightlight on instagram.