Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Welcome to Planet Low: SOWO Part 2

Im sure you read our coverage of the outside of the show at SOWO a couple of clicks below and now its time for the inside. I know what your thinking "wait what? That wasnt the show?" No, that was just the parking lot basically. Now on to the real show, the "actual" SOWO which is basically a SEMA show but only filled with Volkswagen's and Audi's. Hit the jump for your daily dose of illogically slammed rides.  

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

SOWO Highlight - Corvair Sickness

I rarely do this here on racefriv, usually I just clump together everything awesome I saw in a show and maybe within the post do a little high light of a car. But that would be a disservice to this Corvair. John Ludwick's Corvair is just about the sickest car I came across at Sowo and thats saying alot. This car was cruising on air bags and he had a 1200 mile drive to make it down to Helen. Thats right this car drove, not trailered, 1200 miles form New Hampshire just to make it to Sowo, that is dedication. Click read more to see a few more snaps of this neck breaker. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Planet Low: SOWO Part 1

I honestly didnt know what to expect when I showed up to Southern Worthersee this year, as I have never been before nor had I ever remembered ever seeing any photos come out of the event. But a lot of my friends were going and I knew Id at least have a good time with them even if we were the only people in the town (actually that would be awesome). But my mind was completely blown. Have you ever walked into a movie theater having never heard of the movie you were seeing, cause a lady friend dragged you there, only to have your mind totally blown with awesomeness. That was SOWO for me, it was like stepping into an alternate universe. Welcome to Planet Low.