Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Project Scrap Metal: Update 9

The last time we talked about project scrap metal I was at Nopi and explained how I destroyed the clutch towards the end of the last day. The car has always felt good but always a little strange as it felt like the clutch was slipping ever since I dropped it in and at Nopi my feelings were confirmed when I toasted the clutch so bad I could barely get it back on the trailer. Well its time to remedy these issues! So click read more to check out the clutch swap and all the other improvements I made over the winter break to project scrap metal. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

PRI Show

Falling snow, 20 mph sustained winds, snow plows and flashing lights are all things that anyone travelling from Atlanta to Indianapolis would consider a blizzard, but to locals, it was just a slight flurry.  Although waking up in a rest stop parking lot on interstate 65 after driving non stop all night to the sight of four inches of sticking snow was an exotic sight, we had to get moving.  We cranked the rental Camry and continued our pilgrimage to the less known trade show, the one they call “PRI.”

Editors Note: This is Matt first post on racefriv! Welcome to the team bro! Click the jump for more insanity from PRI.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rally around 2014

Phil Ball here, to give you a preview of an exciting year for Rally enthusiasts.
This last week or two has seen some interesting announcements from both the FIA and GRC, as well a TV deal for Rally America.  Hit the jump for info on an area of motorsport that is still growing.
Check it out after the JUMP (pun intended)