Tuesday, December 10, 2013

2013 and 100,000 Views!

Wow it's already at the end of the year and it just went by faster than a Veyron. It's been a busy year in my personal life (I got married!) and my car life ( "finished" the vert, tons of meets, RallyX, GRC, NOPI etc.. etc..) and thanks to racefriv I got a chance to share some of it with the world. I have to admit I was a bit slow on posting to the blog this year, but that's OK, racefriv is getting more views than ever, showing that it is gaining a little traction even if it's at a slow pace. We just hit 100,000 views on the site a few days ago! Woot! Thanks everyone for reading. In celebration I grabbed a few of my favorite photos from Phil Ball, Christian Retter, Russel Klem, Kevin Lu and myself and posted them below, hit the jump and check it out theres a ton of links and a ton of awesome photos. Remember to click on the photos for wallpaper size!!

Below is a personal favorite of mine, It even made it on the FD blog!

Phil knows how to shoot moving cars, he is the champion of it, he took this last year when we had media passes to FD Atl. 

The shot below I took this year at a AMS event, Matt was really killing it that day.

The future of drifting at AMS is uncertain since KMS allegedly used false insurance credentials. I hope Steve Koss never works in Motorsport again. 

Above and below Neil doing his thing, and Alex holding JJ's broke ass bumper.

Mr Retter got himself a pretty awesome spot at the first F1 race in Texas. Awesome!  He went back again in 2013 and had a great time.

Above and below Phil showing his skill on the panning shots. Not to sure what Chris Ward is up to these days, maybe he's out of FD? Chris if you read this let us know!

I miss Turner Field!! The vibe was amazing there.

The best location for a shoot I've ever been to. The Lopez brothers are some badass dudes, and really fun to shoot with. Check the shoot here.

The racefriv vert! Doing its thing the first time I ever took it out. Thanks for the shot Justin from Team Rowdy.

Kevin Lu's shot from his trip to Cali, Kevin shoot more for us!!!!! This is beautiful!

Back when we had FD passes me and Russell Klem took a trip to Palm Beach to catch the FD action there. Awesome shot, also wanted to say we are so spoiled at FD ATL it is such an awesome experience compared to Palm Beach.

Another shot from Kevins trip to Cali, what an amazing FD.

A shot I took of Christians car at an AutoX a while back. This car is manly.

A shot I grabbed at last years Petit LeMans of Nissans Delta wing, this year it I think it was wrecked in practice or something, glad I got to see it in its true form.

Another shot I took form Petit, panning shots like are not easy to get when the cars are going 100+ down the back strait, a lot harder to shoot this than drifting.

Kevin Lu got in early before the crowd to get this shot. Edit by Phil make it look like it was our own little photo shoot. Love this photo and love this car.

 A little photo I took with my bud Justin. Our 86's complement each other well, he has done a shit ton of work on this FR-S since then, one day I will get a shoot with him and his car when hes done.

A good old Russ Bus shot back when he was drifting his turbo E30, I really miss the simple days of riding off to Turner Field and hitting that parking lot with the S2 people. Some of my best memories.

Above was a photo I took during my trip to Australia, needless to say it was awesome. Oh to live in a place where I could pick up a S15 from a used car dealership. Sigh.

I photo I have always liked of my bud TJ and his old RHD hatch. Cool car, really cool dude.

A photo Parker Bussey took on his trip to Ecuador. I want this soooo bad!

My favorite photo that I have ever taken and edited.  From the most recent SouthrnFresh event. 

We all went to out first rally cross event this year, it was fun. Long live the Georgia Rally scene!

Also the GRC comp came to AMS! and Phil took this amazing shot.

I stood in amazement.

Possibly my favorite photo in our catalog, and I had nothing to do with it. Phil makes your paid photographer look like a 16 year old girl with an iphone that only shoots on instagram. Check the whole amazing shoot here. 

Again Phil is awesome, more in Cory's S2000 in the near future I promise.

The best rolling shot we have?? I think so. Kevin Lu's S15 might be scene in the next Fast and Furious movie, but things might change since movie has stopped production after the Paul Walkers death. :(

We also dabble in GIF's from time to time. 

Did an awesome shot with a Starion a while back, Phil had some fun

Did a lot of little off roading trips this year in my Rubicon. Simple pleasures.

I also made it on the Hoonigan blog, not a great photo really but still awesome none the less.

Check the video here!!!

Import Alliance had a meet, Brock, Tim and Justin brought there cars out. Glad to see the Z32 getting a little respect now, its a sexy car. 

I did a little impromtu shoot with Parkers freshly done 1st Gen Civic. Its awesome.

We made an awesome post about the engines of FD check it here Also a very cool pic of the champion that year Diago Saito. 

God I want and FR-S so bad. Taken at this years FD Atl, one of the first ones I saw in the flesh modded.

From the most recent SouthrnFresh meet as well. This RX-3 won a few prizes as it should have. It is flawless.

Cool shots form this years NOPI event. I had a lot of fun there hope we get to go back next year!

My bud Luke and his ancient Mercedes, He seems to be every where I go. Awesome shot, and an awesome car

And I leave you with this last shot of my roommates S2000 cause I promise I'll get another good shoot with this car sometime and post it up when it stops raining for one day. Until then enjoy this shot with an akward import model. 

On the real I would like to thank everyone that has made racefriv what it is today I couldn't have done it with out all the help from the blog "staff" and to the people that read and share our stuff. As we move into a scene that seems to be just copies and reposts, I promise to keep racefriv mostly original content. Seems like today the trend is to show more of the same, racefriv will always be out there to cover the local scene and check out a few things you didn't know about before and of course check in with all of our personal projects which I think we have a pretty wide range of.

So hear hear! to 100,000 views, and hear hear to 100,000 more!


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