Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Project: Red Rocket - A Little Mud on the Tires

The Atlanta Region SCCA put together their first rallycross event last month, so I was finally able to take the Eclipse out for some fun!  The track consisted of some sections on a dirt oval with a couple of detours through the grass infield.

Photo Credit: John Schellenberg
The Red Rocket in its new playground.
Read on after the jump to see how the GSX fared in its first outing.

The AWD launches like a bat out of hell, even on dirt - rev it up to four grand, drop the clutch, and hold on.  I overshot the first turn on my first run; I just wasn't prepared for how well dirt tires would launch.  Speaking of tires, I was running on Firestone Winterforces, a snow tire.  They were great both on the dirt and in grass.  I was even hearing asphalt 'chirping' noises out of them on the hard packed oval dirt.

Photo Credit: John Schellenberg
Fun Fact: The rarest drivetrain configuration is 3 wheel drive.
The engine performed excellent as well.  I had it pegged at the limiter through a fast section, bogged in a slow corner, and generally gave it hell in between.  The car never hesitated for a second.  While the suspension has been squeaky on the street, it handled the rally very well.  The car definitely has a lot of body roll, but a compliant suspension is alright for dirt driving.  I managed to take home 2nd place, behind a previous national champion, so I think this car has a happy future in front of it.

Photo Credit: John Schellenberg
Don't blink or you may miss this 195hp beast.  Well, don't hold your eyes closed, anyway.
I'll leave you with a videos of my fastest runs from each course set up.
Afternoon Track:

Morning Track:

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