Monday, October 28, 2013

Internet Love: Bring Back the Touge

Old school Toyotas, Tire smoke, and crazy high production value make for one of racefriv's favorite drift video shorts in a long time. Ive seen a few post on speedhunters about this Cressida if you wanted to know more about it. Watch it and enjoy!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Nopi 2013: Drifting, Stance and Everything in Between.

So Im little late on writing this post but better late than never. Nopi this year decided to hold a small drift expo with its usual show and I have to say It felt really good to get invited and even better to actually have as much fun as I did. Drift events are usually show up, setup, slide all day, pack up and go home. But with Nopi it had a really laid back atmosphere, since it was a 2 day event there was no rush to drift as much as possible, and of course there was a giant car show going on all around us to check out during breaks. It was a really good time, so click read more to check out some of the awesome drifting and really awesome cars that came out for the Nopi car show.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Internet love: Team Yellow

Ive been following the Team Yellow guys from Norway for a long time now, and its looks like they have really expanded over the years. Seems like a really cool group of guys that are really into everything horse power related. Road Racing and Drifting seems to be there jam, and reminds me a lot of the racefriv crew if all of our cars where painted the same, Subarus, Nissans, Corollas. Wait a minute......that gives me a good idea....Anyways check the Tandem of Die video below to check out Europe's own Team Yellow.

Team Yellow 2013 from Team Yellow on Vimeo.

Also Ive  been slacking on the blog lately, but good news, NOPI, scooter projects and other random shit will soon be back on the blog like normal. Thanks for staying tuned everyone.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Project: Red Rocket - A Little Mud on the Tires

The Atlanta Region SCCA put together their first rallycross event last month, so I was finally able to take the Eclipse out for some fun!  The track consisted of some sections on a dirt oval with a couple of detours through the grass infield.

Photo Credit: John Schellenberg
The Red Rocket in its new playground.
Read on after the jump to see how the GSX fared in its first outing.