Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Southrnfresh 3!!!

Finally after a year hiatus SouthrnFresh put on their annual show with Southrn Fresh 3 at Jim R Miller park and it was awesome. Also after a lengthy hiatus, Cory's S2000 was finally painted, slammed, tuned, and sorta legal, so it was the perfect combo to take out in the sun and see some cool rides in. I took a ton of pics at the show so click read more to check them out.

Cory and I arrived early to get "in" the show. SouthrnFresh kinda has a different approach to shows I really like and that's pre-screening the cars that get in. Its not like import alliance where every awesome car is downed in a sea of crappy civics, southrnfresh is a collection of fine automobiles from throughout the south and its nice to finally just have a real "import" car show around. 

but its not just for imports, plenty of cars from the good old USA showed as well.

They also had a competition for best Ruckus. The more these guys drove around the more I wanted one. They are really cool. (or maybe its just the only cool thing Honda makes right now?)

Along with the norm was the Exocet  which is little badass kit car based of the Miata. Its a pretty quick little car and it looks like something me and some buds could put together over an off week. I love it I would just change the name to like... danger mouse or ground thrasher or skeletor or something beside Exocet but thats just me.

There was a couple of the new 86's in attendance, looks like they're starting to catch on, and I'm super excited about that. The more Toyota sells of these the better off all car guys will be.

Whether a Subaru a Scion or a Toyota I want one so..so...so bad.

Below is Galant VR-4 and if you have never heard of a VR-4 it wouldn't surprise me. The VR-4 is basically and EVO in a Galant body. Its almost the same car as the eclipse 1G DSM but with 4 doors.

As you can see not your everyday Galant and most of that came from the factory.

My favorite bug of the day. I cant tell if I love or hate bugs, because the worse they look... the better the look to me. Either way I love this one, the tag fender is pretty sweet. 

Probably my second favorite car of the show, an old Mazda RX-3. One of the first rotary Mazda's sold in the States, it's an amazing little car and this one was extremely well built. 

Adding to the old school flavor was my bud Luke in his ancient Diesel Mercedes.

Rocking some pretty sparkly wheels these days.

Chrome wrap, good for looking cool, and good for checking on your hair do.

Somebody brought out this old R30 Skyline, of course these weren't sold in the States, the only other time I've ever even seen one was when I visited Australia   a few years ago.

Also hanging out was this bootylicious Aerial Atom.

Can't have a car show without a ridiculously slammed civic.

I've seen this guy a few times around, this old Datsun truck has a pretty clean SR20 swap under the hood, I miss the days of seeing him go around the Turner field parking lot sideways.

This amazing rx-7 vert was there too, I've seen it here and there around town. God this would be my perfect daily.

Don't see a lot of balled out Lexus's (Lexi?) these days. 

Along with the Lexus was the immaculate set of cars, both the S's were in perfect shape and the 180sx peeping out back there was a legit JDM right hand drive 180.

I miss back when VW's were simple and carefree, seems like every VW they make now is overly complicated and impossible to work on.

Some inspiration for my scooter project. This one is human powered though, dude pushed it around alllllll day.

Little bit of RC drifting went down as well.

Good overall shot of the area, Damn all those ruckieseeseses just teasing me!

Luke and his buds old school line up.

Along the same lines of the VR-4 this is another car that many people are unaware of. The Celica All-Trac. Back when Toyota was in WRC they built a AWD Turbo Celica. Yes its all factory and yes they were bad ass. They are super rare these days so expect to pay new WRX prices to get one.

The S14 below was rocking the S15 front quite well.

Flawless energy drink came out to supply the masses with...energy, I guess and brought out their sick FD RX-7 they run in the SWD Pro-Am series. At the time is was missing the motor, living the rotary life is not easy.

Probably my favorite car of the show. This old school rare 2-door Audi quattro.

The interior was just stunning.

Found this old Bronco I in the parking lot, Ford is missing a big opportunity to bring something like this back to take on the new Jeep Rubicons.  

First gear....

Last but not least I got around to taking some photos on the stead we rode in on, Corys forever in purgatory S2000.

Corys S finally got the attention it deserved when we took it up the meet, good to see how many people stopped by to enjoy it.

Including this nice stranger.

The ride with the top down on the only sunny day we have had this entire summer was perfect, the show was fun even though it was 6 million degrees F, cant wait for next year.

Big ups to sourthrnfresh to putting on an awesome show, I know it was a lot of hard work for them but it paid off. The show was great, the cars were great and the meatball food truck provided the best food I have ever devoured.

Till next time everyone, stay friv!!!


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