Wednesday, August 7, 2013

racefriv Project Car Updates! and a little of whats to come.

I've been a little quiet here lately on the blog but no worries, here at racefriv that just usually means we have been working on our projects and getting things done in general. I have made a few updates to some of our project cars so I went out and took some quick snaps before the rain set in. Click read more to see what we have been up to and a little sneak peak of the future.

Also I know I'm a day late but happy 86 day anyways!

To kick off the post I figure I'd show you how the Jeeps are holding up. 

A lot of the racefriv crew went camping a while back. We hit some pretty serious trails and drove though some pretty awesome terrain on the north Georgia mountain sides. I didn't get a lot of pictures as I was driving but it was like driving through Jurassic Park. Audet has upgraded the Zeep quite a bit in the recent months, rebuilt the front end with a locker, tubed his front fenders, and replaced his seats with some Sunfire seats (which surprisingly bolt right up). My Rubi is running good so haven't really touched it. 

Speaking of junk yard seats I did a little seat replacing myself. Since the 240 is on full drift duty now Im working on making Betty White the 86 a little more street friendly. I took out the old one piece solid mounted Corbeaus...

Found some Geo Storm seats for $30 at the junkyard. (yes you heard that right Geo seats) 

Dyed them and re-worked the sliders a bit and installed them with the old seat belts. They look good, are hella comfortable (compared to the old ones), they're easy to sit in, they slide and all for 30 bucks plus some dye cost which is about 7 bucks a seat. Not bad and I'm really enjoying driving the car a lot more now. 

Along those same lines Im working on installing a stereo, but not just putting the stock one back in or finding some expensive aftermarket crap, Im just installing a simple Lepai amp that runs off 12 volts and only has a 3.5 mm jack for input. Its simple, it sounds good, and was only $20 from amazon. Also it fits right in the same spot as the AE86 ashtray and has a classic look. 

I bought this hilarious vintage nascar sunshade for it. It cracks me up pretty hard.  

I have even been working on the wifey's Scion xB. Got some serious adapters for it and now it runs corvette C4 wheels. Ill make a separate post for this soon, so you'll get to see it then. For now just check out the....

purple plasti-dip I put on it. Wow It actually came out awesome. I really want to plasti dip more stuff now. 

Also as you know we recently went to a rally cross event. hopefully we get the video out soon!!!

Last but not least is this beast. Cory is working on it in the garage as we speak. Prepare to see much more of this car soooooonnnnn. 

 Thanks for reading everyone. Sorry Ive been slacking on the posts, dont worry Its all for the greater racefriv good.

PS.  The 240vert is doing good, hopefully Ill have a little cash for some newish wheels in the future and hopefully the drift scene in ATL will pick up soon so I can use that beast!

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