Friday, August 16, 2013

FY Friday: A scary thought.

I dont think Ive ever posted a "tumblr" looking quote photo on here before, but I wanted to share this because it really hit home. I think its totally true, thats when a car is truly fast, when your scared to even drive it, when you know it has the potential to really fuck your day up, when you fire it up and you know its only going to bring you trouble. I know I feel this way about the my LS240, I get the nervous shakes just firing it up, its a monster, I know Phil feels this way about his 5.3 liter 68 Mustang, he almost never even drives the thing and its an awesome car, because lets face it anything 50 years old with 400hp is pretty terrifying. I think its pretty fitting to have the Group B Audi on the Nordschleife, I cant even imagine driving something that insane on the 'ring., that would truly be a fuck yes moment. As an added bonus Ive added a 9min youtube compilation of this rare Audi after the jump wink wink. So hit more and check it out!

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