Friday, June 21, 2013

FY Friday: Easier Said Than Done.

I heard about this rally documentary a good while ago and I think I even donated a little money to its kick starter back in the day and the trailer is finally out. Basically its a documentary about rallying filmed by a Rally Driver Matthew Johnson. Im not sure if I didnt know the directors name at the time or if it just now hit me, but Ive meet Matt before and Ive actually rode shotgun in a rally stage with him before. Looks to me from the trailer that his filming skills are on par with his driving skills and Im damn excited to see this come out. So a Big fuck yes to this video and super stoked for the full feature. Also If you don't believe me on the whole riding with Matt thing hit the jump and watch me from about 10 years ago drool all over the inside of his WRX on a little rally stage.  I heart rally!

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