Friday, May 31, 2013

FY Friday: Subaru Wagon Built for Drift

So fair warning to everyone out there, the video is a little shaky and the music is a little annoying, not the usual stuff we post here. BUT There is one really badass, important thing in this video a RWD Subaru Wagon built for drift. Yes you heard that right. Its awesome, and yearn to learn more about it. Anyways watch the video and enjoy some awesome wagon skids. Its MAD and perfect for Fuck Yes Friday.

Golden Gate Drift ProAM Round #2 from Paulo Acoba on Vimeo.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Project: Red Rocket - It Hits the Fan

A lot has happened since my last post, a long 10 days ago.  Removing the head was my first goal, since that would allow me to inspect valves and pistons and get an idea of what sort of work I needed to prepare for.

Stare into the void long enough...

Friday, May 24, 2013

FY Friday: Retro Revision

So ran into this photo on reddit a few days ago, turns out this was some original content from a Stanceworks contributor named Travis Cuykendall and its just to sick not to share. This is what I call perfection when it comes to old school 911's, super retro yet so in tune with the times when it comes to the automotive world these days.  The whole set of photos is amazing make to sure to check out his other work here! his whole flicker page is badass!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Slammed Society @ Formula D ATL

Hey everyone, Joel Lopez here! Aside from all the (interesting) action that Formula Drift brought to Atlanta. Fatlace made their way out here from California to showcase their premiere car show "Slammed Society". Taking a two year break from any action in Atlanta, Slammed Society definitely made a lasting impression in the eyes of many that were out here for the first time. Atlanta also showed that a little on and off rain wouldn't affect anything as everyone stuck through it the whole day. The whole show was definitely a success as there was a wide variety of vehicles and the placement was perfect. Situated right in between the track and the pits, the show received a ton of attention through out the day. Custom made trophies were made for the event and were rewarded during halftime to the top three cars in their respected categories. Winners of the show also received some Fatlace, Illest, and Hellaflush decals, a Slammed Society license plate frame, and cleaning supplies. The show as a whole was awesome and and a major success since there was the two year break! If you weren't able to check it out this year, definitely check it out at next years FD! Click read more to check out the rest!

Happy Birthday to the ground!

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Engines of Formula Drift: An Engineers Delight.

So this year at Formula drift I wanted to concentrate on something a little different. The engines. As an engineer I can say the one thing that always brings me back to FD and makes me realize it's probably the best motorsport in the world is the variety of platforms and motors that are allowed in FD. To have a race series that basically says do whatever you want with the drive train but keep the chassis production is an engineers wet dream. Unlimited possibilities is what FD is about and gear heads across the world love it for that reason. So this formula drift I made a point to take photos of all the engines I could get good shots of and talk a little bit about them here. Click read more to check out some of the beast under these hoods!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Project: Red Rocket - Discovery

Now that I've got a shiny new  slightly used  recognizable Eclipse in my driveway, its time to take a closer look around.  I need to know what I've got on my hands before I start ordering parts.  The car is a repo, so the original owner will not be any help here.

I know that there's a pile of spare parts in the trunk, maybe there will be some clues to the condition or history of the car...Click read more to find out!

Its like the worst Lego set ever.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Project: Red Rocket - Prologue

Christian here, with a new project.  After a couple of years of planning, plotting and some bench racing, the Middle Georgia region of the SCCA has announced that they will be hosting some rally cross events in Milledgeville!  I haven’t raced on dirt since my Baja SAE days and I've been waiting for a chance to get back into it.  Only one problem: I do not have a vehicle suited to dirt driving.  I’d prefer not to cover the Z06 in mud and dust and the repair costs would be burdensome. The F-150 would handle the dirt and mud, but is too prone to a roll-over for racing.  So it was off to craigslist to find an appropriate ride.