Saturday, February 9, 2013

Quickie Review: Cheapo Chinese OBDII Adapter

I don't even need a page break for this.  All I need to say is that I bought this and it worked.  I plugged it into my 2011 Subaru WRX, I downloaded the $5 Torque app from the Google Play store for my Android phone.  You plug it in, turn on the car, pair your phone to it and you are done.  The android app is very nice, i'm sure there is something similar for Apple users.  It lets you do 0-60 runs without pushing any buttons, as well as all the cool diagnostic and data logging stuff that you expect.  I'm obviously a bit shocked that something so functional is so cheap. It's possible that your results may vary but at this price it seemed like it worth the risk.  Start reading your own DTCs today...(or hooning around doing 0-60 pulls for giggles, whatever)

Oh and I got 5.1 seconds with a full tank of gas and it gave me 235hp at the wheels.  That's a healthy estimate for car with 265hp at the engine from the factory, folks do say that Subaru sandbagged the rating a little on the newer WRX's.  Someone in a magazine claimed a 4.8s run but most are 5.1 so at least I managed to do my job properly as an automotive journalist right?

Stay Frivolous,
Phil B

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