Friday, January 18, 2013

FY Friday: Rally Cross FD RX-7

So here at the racefriv HQ we were discussing what a shame it is that we dont have a proper rally cross circuit in America (GRC not included im talking grassroots NASA or SCCA here) . It seems like a really bad ass way to have some cheap fun, and I for one would build a car just for this if it was an option. Sure we have a type of rally cross here but its more like an Auto-X where you are just racing against the time by yourself, which is just no fun. Anyways In my google search for more rally cross information I came across this sick FD RX7 powered by a RB25(i think) rally crossing like a boss! Video of  this beast after the break so hit read more!

All this info comes from carbonetic europe!  Check it out!

The video is a little shaky but if you want to see what a real rally cross is like check out the video after the break.

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