Thursday, November 29, 2012

Better late than never, ALMS Petite Le Mans.

Whats up everybody this is racefriv Ish, and we're finally back in action and ready to post like normal, Project Scrap Metal is pretty much done and can get back to all the internets we have been missing out on. So now on to Petit Le Mans, yea sure we're like two months late, deal with it. Didn't go? Have no idea what it is? Well don't worry racefriv was there to watch all the racing and drink all the Jack Daniels you didn't get to. So off to some racing!... click read more for some race care fun.

We will start off with the parked cars, 

The car corrals were pretty sick, there was a Porsche section, a BMW one, and an Corvette corral.

I really liked the Corvette Corral they have some pretty bad ass classics.

Along with some pretty bad ass new ones including a whole slew of ZR1's. I think for the price, there isnt a better car.

Now off to the grid to check out the cars before they hit the track for an outstanding 11-ish hours. I really wanted a few good pics of the Delta wing before the place got horded so I waited for the gate to open at the gate and RAN out there before anyone else did. Totally worth it.

Also got some good ones of the chrome Ferrari. Cools.  

Also the new Viper is out, badass!!! Im so glad to see some more American muscle in the series. Cant wait for some good Corvette Viper battles.  


Nice, Im really liking the chrome wraps on cars these days. 


I have no idea what this guy was so happy about but if I was a race car driver in Petit Le Mans Id be dancing to. 

Or acting like a robot...sure man you can do whatever you like

Prize for the coolest wheels in Petit go to the BMW's

Ready for battle. 

dos shoes!!

The prototypes were looking pretty classy as well but by the time I got to the proto end of the grid the crowd started to fill in. 

So I walked back to the delta wing and it was packed! 

Some last minute fixes before the race.

See below: I told you it was packed. If you look hard enough there are cars in that crowd. 

Audet, Ian and Christian creeping on some driver doing the thriller I think.

Before the race started we headed inland to get some food and check out the sponsor area. 

Got to check out the new viper: production style.

Nice back side. 

The new V10! A lot of people were worried it would be a turbo or a V8, nope

Oval intake? why not

Cool emblem on the new Charger super bee.

Now off to some racing!!

The racing was  wheel to wheel the whole time. 

This guy below seemed to be enjoying himself, hell yea. 

The Vett's  lost this race but they won the whole championship before they even entered this race. 

The delta wing was probably the most anticipated car to come out this season, it had a hard encounter with a Porsche a week before and everybody wondered if it could make it to the race. It did though  and lasted the whole race without incident.

Were I was posted up to take some pictures. 

To get photos like these!!

Racefriv needs a school bus and some scooters. 

Well that was the last good pic I got before the drinking a little to much, and then shenanigans happened.

Till next time everybody stay friv!!

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