Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Apologies for Slacking and Whats to Come

So I wanted to write a little on the blog here to note that racefriv hasnt slowed down one bit, we have just taken a little break from the interwebs to get things done in the real world. Half of racefriv is of course the blog, the pictures etc.. and the other half is going to events, building cars and ruining them in a explosive fashion. Its that time of the year for Phil to actually be making money off his photography skills so some photos are going to have to wait so Phil can make his moneys to buy the equipment were planning on using next year. (looking at some new heros etc for video) While Phil has been making money Ive been blowing money like its going out of style on the money pit of doom you see below.

So yes Ive been steadily working on the vert still and its about a day or two away from dropping in the LS1, then I still have a TON of work to do, and it doesnt help my welder died a few days ago( the machine not a person). Dont worry Ive been taking pictures along the way and there will be a full write up on this build. Its full steam ahead and dont worry itll be done this year to be ready for the next, in fact im hoping I can get it drive-able by the nest KMS/S2 event in November. Speaking of which...

We will be at the S2/KMS event in NOV and we are very exited about the possibles of shooting video on three tracks, thats right, you should show up. Were doing a video! (ha now Ive said it so we have to do it Phil lol!FTW) Speaking of events we also took some film and photos at Petit Le Mans expect a write up of that soon!

Also in the pipline, racefriv Johnny Tran Cory Pratt as almost back from his work vacation (lol) and should be back on his project pretty soon. And lets just say you dont want to miss it.....

Speaking of projects Russel has a new Jeep project hes has been working on for a while, and it is sick! Hes not done with it yet and im guessing he wont release anything till it is.


We have got something in the works, its kinda on the hush now but ill let the picture above give you a hint. We working some things out, and we might have something cool on our hands very soon if we just get the fuck on it. Also perhaps we may have a special racefriv drift event soon, not 100% on this yet but were working on it. If your a fellow drifter (im looking at you Alex, Neil, Devin, Seth, JJ, Lopez's etc..) than keep an eye out for a racefriv only event. We will see in the near future, and Ill contact everyone.


As far as I know we are still going to shoot FD next year, of course ATL and Id like to do maybe Vegas or Jersey next year. No official word on that but hopefully Fitted.Life  will come through for us again and we can get some media passes!!! Thanks for last year guys hope we can do it again!!

So no we have not been slacking in real life, racefriv is far from dead were just preparing for a busy next year. Thanks for everyone that reads us, and checks in on us even though we dont post every day. Till next time stay friv!!!

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