Sunday, September 23, 2012

Photography Corner - cleaning

Hi friv fans, Phil Ball here with a little photography tip.  I spent some time today trying to organize my photography equipment and on my last shoot I noticed that one of my polarizing filters was dirty.  Its not good to find a mess while out on a shoot so I vowed to look over all my gear and clean it all.

While I was busy cleaning I realized that some folks may not even be aware of how to clean their equipment.  DSLRs are now so popular I see them everywhere and unlike a point and shoot you need to know some things about how to care for them.  The lenses and filters are coated with chemicals that can be damaged by rough handling or powerful solvents, so I made a video to explain my process.

Hit the jump for the vid and some details on where to get the tools.

Like I said I don't know if other chemicals will work, but rubbing alcohol seems to be pretty standard.  Rubbing alcohol is also known as iso-propyl, don't use booze because that has other oils and sugars in it and some might consider it a waste. And don't drink rubbing alcohol.  I shouldn't need to say that but science class in schools these days isn't what it used to be...

The rocket blower is also great and knocking loose stubborn sensor dust, and has its own built in filter (it doesn't suck air back in the nozzle).  I should also point out that you shouldn't use canned air for this.  It has other oils in it, can be too harsh and can leave behind stains.

If you are too lazy to do the search you can support racefriv and find some of the things you saw in the video at amazon below.

I hope you found this helpful, I will probably do some more video's on my youtube channel for racefriv including some image processing tips just for cars (I already have some on my channel)

Thanks, and keep those lenses clean ;)

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