Monday, September 17, 2012

Love, Hate and Slammed: A Tale of Two Brothers

As an only child I always wanted a brother, a brother to blame things on, a brother to help me keep my sanity on family vacations, and now..........I really wish I had a brother to build baller cars with. The Lopez brothers make me jealous, but not for their brotherly love, but for the awesome S2000 and 350Z they have built over the past year or so. So click read more and let me take you on a journey of Love, Hate and Slammed...

I know what happened to you and its ok...You saw all that red and yellow up there and had a ketchup and mustard explosion in your pants that probably looked a lot like this....

and thats ok it happens to everybody....

Now lets get down to business.

Jose Lopez's S2000 is the first car were going to attend to and lets just get right to the point...

It's slammed and the kids love it

 Jose set his S on Work Emotion Kia CR's  and kept them out of the fenders with some Megan Racing Track coil overs to keep everything glued down. 

He kept with the AP1 look keeping it clean with a simple front lip, custom headlights made by Retrofit Customs, and a Seibon Carbon hood. 

and to top it off a full carbon roof from Rockstar Garage...boss

Keeping that eye on the prize.

Jose likes to stare upwards into all that beautiful carbon from the comfort of a pair of Bride Low Max VioIII's sitting on some buddy club rails. 

Love the rolling shots! 

Now this is where the brotherly love comes in... For most of our work this would be the end. but not here and not for the Lopez brothers.

Meet Joel everyone...("Hi Joel".....) yes he's addicted to the low life as well...

Whether you love it or hate it...slammed is fun to look at and if your going to do it, do it right... Joel's 350Z is one of my favorite slammed rides around. Clean and mean.

Slammed on some Varrstoen ES's this car is looking perfect for the downtown scene. With a Takeda dual air intakes, a custom single exit exhaust, and an ACT street duty clutch this car runs as good as it looks. 

And dont worry the ketchup bottle isnt running on cut springs, Joel went the classy way and installed some  BC Racing Type BR Coilovers to keep this beast off the ground (but just barley

So now... not only am I wishing I had a brother, now I wish I had one with an insane car for high speed shenanigans. *sigh forever alone*

Also these types of shenanigans. Who stares into their own eyes? The Lopez brothers that's who.  We always take pictures of the owners and since these guys are twins we had some fun.

Racefriv has always had a thing about the S2000, not sure if its the Johnny Tran in us or what......

Objects in mirror are too big to see in this mirror anyways......

Joel doing his best impression of the slender man.

Long story short: We have been trying to shoot these two for about a year now, and finally it came to fruition, I'm so glad we waited until the cars were done and we could find an appropriate location. Thanks for coming out guys!!!!!!!!!

Till next time Stay friv everybody.

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