Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tim's Slammed and Welded 350 Zed

Pleasant surprise time! My AE86 friend Devin popped by the other day to weld up the open GTS diff he had laying around, and usually he drives down in his old 86. This time however he somehow convinced his friend Tim to drive him down and showed up in this! Woot! Click read more for some pics!

So it may not be the ballerist car you have seen before but this is his daily. That's right this car drives the streets of Atlanta an inch off the ground every... single... day. 

When I was welding on Devins diff he mentioned that his was welded by a friend as well, but it didnt really hit me till we drove out of the neighborhood and it was chirping every turn. "Wait a minute... Tim drives this car everyday with a welded diff and 285's on the ground?" Wow thats living the drift life style.

Also on another note we got Devin's diff done! Woot. Welded the four corners on boths sides and welded a plate to the top on both sides as well. Hopefully this hold up to that 160hp rolla hell be sliding around in! Till next time stay friv!

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