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Import Alliance 2012 Summer Meet-Dreams Do Come True

July 28, 2012 marks another much anticipated Import Alliance summer meet. Car guys wait all year for this event. After all it is arguably the largest gathering of imports on the east coast. This year IA summer meet was held at a new venue which many were against. It was held at ZMAX dragway in Charlotte, NC and after being held in Nashville for so many years, many didn't want to make the long haul out there. From Atlanta to Charlotte, it's only about a 5 hour drive so I didn't really have a problem driving out there. The only thing I was worried about was the dreadful NC and SC roads. Every year I look forward to this event, not because of the cars, but because I get to catch up with all my old friends. Once a year my friends from Atlanta, Huntsville, Birmingham, Nashville, Memphis, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan all meet in the same spot.

Anyways on to the pictures...Click read more, you know you want to...

Alot of the ATL guys met up at Mall of Georgia Friday morning to caravan up to Charlotte and I was late getting up there so I forgot to pull out my camera out of the trunk before the trip. So the only shot I got was this one. Charlie's civic riding low as always. When we got to the hotel, we just chilled, talked to old friends, and drank some beer.

Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early around 6 AM to beat the crowd. Even though we got there super early, there was still quite a few people already in line. Luckily we were only there for maybe 15 minutes before we headed in.


When we got in the venue, we scouted a good spot right down vendor row.

People started rolling in early to get a good spot.

Some of the ISO guys were there early as well.

After I parked I walked around the venue to watch everyone roll in and something caught my immediately. I am sure you have already seen picture of this amazing car but here are my pictures. It's always refreshing seeing something new. I always expect to see the same old things at these meets.

My favorite part of this car was the radiator. I don't really know why but I feel like it is such a small detail that could have been overlooked. They could have left the radiator sticking out but they made it contour with the radiator support.

K-tuned did an amazing job on this car.

This car sounded wicked as it was rolling in. I wish you guys could have heard it cammin like crazy. Paint was super fresh too.

Some beefy tires on this del sol. I assume it is fast enough to need these.

Here is S3 gregg talking to the famous Matt Tucker about something. Matt is a good friend of mine from the good ol' Huntsville, AL street racing days.

Nice haircut dude. They were in the process of rigging something up. Not sure what though. This dude has a really fast civic hatch so whatever.

I love this integra. Executed so well. One of my favorites.

I was watching more of the roll in's, I saw something quite familiar. Another S15!!! I started hyperventilating...this is VAs13's old car. He sold it to this guy in New Jersey. I never saw the car in person so it was pretty cool to see it in front of me. This car was all over the internet when it was rolling on 19 inch TE's and then the Rotiform BLQ. I think those Work Emitz on the car now are absolutely horrid though. People try too hard to be different.

My S15...

Zach's NSX always makes an appearance at every summer meet. This year with new shoes.

Another beautiful NSX.

KJ's lotus krypton colored S2K.

Super sick M3 cab. I remember seeing this car last year.

Tubby's k-powered Honda Fit.

Derek putting his velocity stack on his turbo.

Here is Travis's new Lambo hard parking beside Downstar's booth.

This EG hatch was driven, not trailered, from South Dakota. Super clean. He was there to represent Bolt Boys. The seats are either 2 of 500 seats or 1 of 500 pairs.

One of my favorite cars this year. The stance on this FD was amazing.  It needed some V8 love though.

Another stupid clean FD with the correct engine.

 Saab's version of the WRX wagon. I didn't even know these existed.

I really like the tsx wagon but the accord wagon, not so much. However, this one looks pretty sick.

Another super clean EG. This guy was another bama guy. I think from Birmingham but can't remember.

 Stanced out shopping cart?

I really like this GTR. The lip and the spoiler were pretty bold but it worked with the big body of the GTR.

AHHH another S15 owner at IA!!! This one is a spec s with a turbo swap. It had 18 inch SSR SP1 in the spectrum silver finish which are gorgeous wheels in a rare expensive color.

Automatic trunk on a del sol. I'm not a big Honda nut so I didn't know these existed. Pretty sweet I must say. This thing had a supercharged V6 swap too...

I'm always a fan of a well done Suburu.

STI with a big ass mouth.

Alpina 5 series.


Cruising home after an amazing weekend.

So I want to close out this post with a little story. This weekend I was fortunate enough to drive a 2013 Nissan GTR black edition. Ever since the GTR came out I have dreamed of owning one but driving one isn't too much to ask right? Well since the GTR came out in 09 I never have had the chance to. I was talking with my friends near my car when a guy approached telling me he admired my car. I said thanks and didn't really think much of it till he asked me to sit in my car. He even pulled out his GTR key to give me as collateral. I laughed and told him that isn't necessary and that he could go ahead and then told him that I have always wanted to drive a GTR. He immediately said that I could drive his because he wanted to meet up after and take pictures with my Silvia. I gladly said yes and exchanged phone number.

We met up later in the day and took a bunch of pics with the Silvia and GTR. After the pictures, John (the owner) asked me "so you want to drive it?" I said "HELL YEA." I pulled out of the parking lot and wound it out to about 5-6k through 4th gear and took a few nice turns in it. On the way back I stopped and made sure there was no one behind me. I dropped my foot on the accelerator and the GTR jumped like a lion pouncing on its prey...wound it out to its 7k redline through 5th gear. I don't know how fast we were going but damn that car pulls hard. My adrenaline was pumping and I felt like I was on cloud nine.

Afterwards John even took me to a Japanese restaurant with his son and bought me dinner. I just want to thank John for trusting me with his 100k dollar car and making me the happiest man alive that day. Things like this really give me hope for the car scene. Just because you have a nice car doesn't mean you have to be a dick about it. 

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  1. Awesome post Kevin!!! Im so Jelly you got to drive a GTR!