Friday, August 10, 2012

AMS Auto X with the Porsche Club!

Our racefriv Stig impersonator Christian Retterer recently hit up a Porsche Autocross event at AMS and invited me out to take some pics. We don't usually do Autocross events here on racefriv but I think we're going to do a lot more in future. Click read more to check out the pics!

It was mainly a Porsche event but at the last minute they opened up entry to everyone so they could fill the roster.

You got to see all sorts of cars like this Factory Five Cobra! Sick!

And of course as any autocross the S2000's were looking good!

This driver was giving it all he had!

The Stig himself in his Z06.

Looking good in the 911!

This may look like a slow car but trust me the Audi was moving through the cones. He was doing a good job for piloting such a huge car.

The event had a good mix of cars, and the track was about 80 sec's long, this may seem like a short time but for an autocross its an eternity.

Including this sweet 914 with some sort of V8 in the back.

Red, Vert, Rwd = Smile on face.

Stig looking fast!

Rocking the 944 the step child of the Porsche world, personally I love them.

One of my favorite cars of the day!

So it was a pretty awesome event, the only complaint I would have is that they weren't letting people give ride along's which is why half the spectators show up in the first place. As a drifter who got hooked on drifting from riding in Russels E30 way back ago, that blew my mind.

Thanks for looking everyone, hopefully we'll get to some more autocross events in the future, the rolla might even make an appearance when the next drift car is done and maybe we can steal Phils WRX for a ride as well!


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