Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tim's Slammed and Welded 350 Zed

Pleasant surprise time! My AE86 friend Devin popped by the other day to weld up the open GTS diff he had laying around, and usually he drives down in his old 86. This time however he somehow convinced his friend Tim to drive him down and showed up in this! Woot! Click read more for some pics!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Internet Love: Say Howdy! To Chelsea DeNofas New Ride

So  everyone that reads racefriv from time to time knows that Im a big Chelsea DeNofa fan, theres no hiding that. I was super saddened by the destruction of the E36 he was drifting, but hey thats drifting for you. Even though I was sad it opened up a great door for Chelsea to take over the Nitto RX-8 for the rest of the year. Below I found an awesome video of Chelsea explaining the transition from running his own team to joining a pro team and explains a little about his new car for next year. Good Luck in Vegas man!!

Say Howdy! Get Rowdy! EP 5 Chelsea DeNofa at Formula Drift Seattle from BC RACING NA on Vimeo.

^Make sure to check out the rest of the Say Howdy videos!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Go-Pro Vs Contour comparison

Go-Pro or Contour? what should I get?  That was a question Kevin Lu one of our Racefriv contributors asked me.  Actually he specifically needed to know about underwater usage to compare to just getting a dive housing for his Canon S100.  He texted me, but i'm not the sort of person who can answer a photographic related question in 150 characters.  So Kevin, instead of just answering you alone, in a series of badly written texts, here's the long James May answer!  Hit the jump for more.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Import Alliance 2012 Summer Meet-Dreams Do Come True

July 28, 2012 marks another much anticipated Import Alliance summer meet. Car guys wait all year for this event. After all it is arguably the largest gathering of imports on the east coast. This year IA summer meet was held at a new venue which many were against. It was held at ZMAX dragway in Charlotte, NC and after being held in Nashville for so many years, many didn't want to make the long haul out there. From Atlanta to Charlotte, it's only about a 5 hour drive so I didn't really have a problem driving out there. The only thing I was worried about was the dreadful NC and SC roads. Every year I look forward to this event, not because of the cars, but because I get to catch up with all my old friends. Once a year my friends from Atlanta, Huntsville, Birmingham, Nashville, Memphis, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan all meet in the same spot.

Anyways on to the pictures...Click read more, you know you want to...

Friday, August 10, 2012

AMS Auto X with the Porsche Club!

Our racefriv Stig impersonator Christian Retterer recently hit up a Porsche Autocross event at AMS and invited me out to take some pics. We don't usually do Autocross events here on racefriv but I think we're going to do a lot more in future. Click read more to check out the pics!

Shenanigans with Jeeps!

Every once in a while when the racefriv crew isnt working on drift cars, street cars, or on the blog we like to take a little time off for shenanigans. It just so happens our favorite type of shenanigans is the off roading type. As some of you know I recently sold the suby and purchased myself the all around vehicle, it started with looking for a tow vehicle and ended with an Jeep Rubicon. Of course I wasn't going to purchase something like this and not break it in. So me and our racefriv friend Audet went for a little drive on top of a mountain! Check out the pics!

Monday, August 6, 2012

The 86 Life! Happy 86 day!

 The 86 brotherhood is an odd thing, its something that's hard to explain. The bond between 86 owners are instant and timeless, its strange to have a connection with so many people with out ever knowing them. To an outsider it may seem weird, even foolish, but once you drive one you get the idea. The car personifies fun, it embraces driving like a high schooler, and (almost) never lets you down. So today we celebrate this car, today is 86 day!!! I've gathered a ton of photos from the racefriv site over the past year or so of AE86's we have come across and placed them here for your enjoyment. So what are you waiting for?  Click read more and go enjoy them!