Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Two of a Kind... Black Skyline.

So in the S2 @ AMS post I introduced you to the R33 you see before you. However it wasn't the only Skyline to grace our presence, an R32 came along as well! We decided before these guys split we needed to get a few pics and here they are in all their skyline glory.

As you saw before the R33 was killing out there, and this was only his 2nd drift event.

I Felt like I was back in Australia all of a sudden. 

That R32 slammed, Black on Black wheels....damn.

Different wheels because remember, this was a drift event not a car show. 

Love that shot!

McDonald's is an important food group for any drifter. 


Surprise ending! To all the guys out there who think their JDM rides are too nice to drift? Well fair play but this guy is out to have fun regardless, nothing a ziptie cant fix. Props to you Bryant the R33 drifter guy, you make all of us look like little girls. This is second post in a row where Im going to write.....not a fuck was given that day. 

Till next time everyone!!! Stay Friv!

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  1. Wow beautiful pics of my r32! Thanks again