Wednesday, July 25, 2012

S2 @ AMS!!

So after being dealt a blow by the city of Atlanta Howard Smith finally brought the S2 drift events back, and I for one thank him! I know everyone one out there misses the blue lot but this event brought S2 back with a bang! Two tracks to chose from, indoor pit area, and laps around the banked AMS walls made this one of the more memorable drift events I've ever drifted in. Click read more for all the pictures and insight into the new S2 track!

First things first props to our racefriv friend Alex up there, his car is looking sicker than ever, his driving is off the hook even with 5 or so stitches in his thumb. Not a fuck given. 

It was a new track for S2 but don't get me wrong it was still the same shenanigans, fun times, sexy ladies and NOS.  Oh and some Drifting.

The first course that I hit was the "media lot", this lot is also used for the KMS drift events but in a different format, this course seemed to work a little better than the usual KMS route. Its a pretty small course but has some huge bumps and a few light poles to keep you on your toes.

For those who do the KMS events (or any other drift event here in the past)  you will recognize the setup.

 look at all those fans! oh wait...

The real bread and butter of this drift event though was the........... road course!

It was a pretty long entry (if you backed up a bit) that dove into a small S then a huge right hand that kinda kinked into a decreasing radius turn.

It may seem weird to the west coasters but there really isn't many tracks on the east coast that are not an oval. AMS has a small track built into its oval track and that's the part we used. Pretty sick!

The big right hander gave Phil a good opportunity to shoot some long drifts!


Giedrius driving Like a boss as always in the 350z!

Army green miata reppin the racefriv sticker...well done ol'chap.

The only other rolla there, you were killing it dude!

Bowtie? yea close enough. 

See this is what happens when you paint your car shiny Seth, it just knows it a drift car and will continue to try to look like one.

Seth while still in the "What the fuck just happened" stage.

Itll buff. 

 He was all like whoa, and then I was like whoa, and then his wheel ended up over there.

Lol's and back to the Action!

Seth later took this car out and ruined it to.

I dont know the Lethal Injection guy (Nick Ward) personally but his car is sick and dammit I want a ride.

I know what you just did... you skeeted didnt you? Yep that is an R33 drifting on American soil! More to come on this guy and a friend in a later post!

VQ! (right? I hope so!)

Sammy from Tiger Racing!!

Body roll awesome sauce.

Clean FC!

Sebs was killing it like always!

Here's me on one of my clean runs, usually this shot would involve some dirt drops (not all of which ended well haha)

 Come on out if only to try all the different flavors of NOS energy drink and stay awake for 48 hours.

Brandon brought his new Sikky LS2 beast out, man that car is sick I cant wait to get mine done!

Darci having a good time in the rolla even though it was a million degrees.

So this is who got DR1FT.......damn you. 

Its ok ill give it to you for this awesome stash. Also a fan...., this man is genius (this explains the stash)

Oh yea we haven't mentioned the best part of the whole setup yet!

Thats right we got to use the indoor NASCAR garage what what!, not even the Formula D guys get this kinda setup!

Above is Tylers car, poor thing blew an axle before he could really break it out. 

Praise baby jesus for the inside garage!

Also on more personal note I finally ruined the Federals I had on the SSR's. I guess its time for some new ones!

And you think that was all!?!! Nope we got to drive around the AMS track as well! We took Phils WRX out there and had a blast!

Even James May enjoys a drive around the track once and a while

So overall I have to say....

Not bad S2, not bad at all......

Thanks everyone till next time!!!!!!!!!! Stay friv!


  1. Sweet shot of my FC! Thanks.

  2. (John Norris)
    Two great shots of my silver GTO. Thanks Racefriv!!!