Friday, July 27, 2012

Germany Road Trip!

We have already posted our Nurburgring part of our Germany trip here but I wanted to show you the rest of the Germany Road Trip as well so everyone could check out some car related stuff that you just dont see everyday, like this badass DTM Audi below! Click read more to check out what we happened to run into on our journey!.

First we need to post up the trusty steed we rode around in. Parker rented us an Opel Mervia which we instantly called the "Merica". This little rental car was pimp, 6-speed, turbo 4 cylinder with.... suicide doors. Thats right you see it, right there, a hatch back with suicide doors. Bad ass, and this was the cheapest car we could get!  

Parked just down the street was this Citroen.

Took a stroll though down town to check out all the occupy movement stuff and saw this flat black Merc drive by. This is a 1%'r I'm down with!

 Lots of pimp white hatchs around!

Parker enjoying his rental car.

Mini cars in Amsterdam!!  Looks like someone stole the back half of a van.

Not car related I just thought this was awesome. 

An Alfa!

Suby wagon in Amsterdam!

Heading to Keel we spotted this pimp old Volvo.

Some grass roots rally cross cars, I wish we had a proper rally cross series in the states these little guys look fun to hoon!

Oh god how I wished America would just blow up all the traffic lights and put in round-abouts, they save years of your life.

A Harley Ive never seen before, it was pretty badass.

On the way to Keel we caught this Merc limousine thing driven by a girl! She was pretty excited to have her photo taken.

Hamburg at night was pretty bad ass!

Endless tunnels, it's a shame we didn't have some beastly loud car!

Finally made it to Keel and there was this little mini next door to Parkers place. Awesome!

A smart coupe!

Somebody decided to park there cool little Audi wagon under................ well I have no idea what it was.

I have no idea what type of Suby this is, but I so fucking want it!

A Defender! I love these things, too bad they're so pricey in the US.

Then we rented this beast to drive back to Frankfurt for the flight home, it was brand new as it only had 20 miles on the clock. I promptly wrecked it into a guard rail on the Autoban....sooooooo thats it for this post!!!!

Till next time! Stay friv everyone!!

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