Friday, July 20, 2012

FY Friday: Black Smoke Racing

Ive been following Blacksmokeracing for a while now, apparently some pretty crazy prople got together to  drift a huge Merc wagon diesel. They took it out for some hoonage at Gatbil this year and seems that this year its a supercharged, turbocharged, nitrus injected, diesel.. Totally 100% fuck yes.

Check the fantastic coverage of Gatbil from Speedhunters here!

Also on another note we know its been slow lately, dont worry we have a TON of stuff in the very near future including the S2 drift event at AMS (were back) and Import Alliance in NC. Also the Stupercharged S2000 is coming along and after that is racefriv S13vertLS1 project along with a new offroad type of project so stay tuned!!!!!

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