Friday, May 25, 2012

FY Friday: Tony Angelo Waving to the Crowd.

This past FD when Angelo came down the hill his hatch flung right open, lol's ensued and I knew before he even came to the top I was going to make a gif out of what happened in the horse shoe. Here is that awesome Gif!!! Fuck Yes indeed.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Formula Drift @ Road Atlanta!!!

The first ever Formula Drift event was at Road Atlanta way back in 2004 and since then Ive never missed a single one, I was there on the first event, I was there when Taka Aono and Sam Hubinette went one more time about 10 times in a row in an AE86 and a Dodge Viper, Ive seen it all; but this years Formula Drift at Road Atlanta was truly one of a kind, not for the crashes and major upsets but for the fact that this year I was going as media. Thanks to the guys at Fitted.Life we were able to get a few media passes and after all these years I could finally walk inside the fence, hang out at the grid, and generally look way more important than I really am. This is our story of Formula Drift Round 2 "Road to the Championship"

Friday, May 18, 2012

How to Photograph Drifting

Phil here.  I've noticed a trend of spectators coming to drift events with nice DSLRs hoping to take pictures.  I've also seen several less than optimum submissions on various social networking sites so I thought that maybe a tutorial would be useful.  Let me add that I am far from the worlds best drift photographer - lets just get on with it shall we?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Internet Love: The Keep Drifting Fun Movie

Racefriv was there to see this on the big screen at Midtown. It was awesome to see a drift video in a movie theater but what was really awesome was sitting next to the guys who filmed it and the legendary driviers in it like Chris Forsberg. If you missed out on the sneak peak showing here is your chance to watch all 30 minutes of this glorious drift video. Enjoy!!! (also don't forget to cheer when they get to Atlanta!)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

T-Shirts in the Store now! ---------------->

The team racefriv shirt got such a huge response at Formula Drift that we are putting them up for sale!! This is the ONLY place you can get these shirts they are the originals!  Donnie Dunlap over at hooked me up on these so don't forget to hit him up for all your screen printing needs. So for every one that wanted a shirt and couldn't get one at FD here's your chance!!!! Thanks for the support everyone and stay tuned for some amazing Formula Drift coverage!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Save Drifting In Atlanta!!!

So I don't normal do this kind of stuff here on racefriv, but this effects all of the racefriv community so I thought it needed to be posted. A local group condo owners have somehow convinced the Atlanta city council to ban drifting in Atlanta Georgia without even hearing from the many people who support this great sport. They are singling out drifting and trying to cancel any event that would be in the Atlanta region. Of course this will lead to drifters taking to the streets which is exactly what the drifting community doesn't want. So drifting is being cancelled in Atlanta and our fellow drifters are in need, what can I do? Well I'm glad you asked. First go join the facebook group here.Click on docs and email the mayor.  Then go sign the petition over at here. Mayor Reed can still veto the amendment, so thats the plan for now. Thanks to everyone for the help. This is a battle that we must not lose.

UPDATE: Just wanted to thank everyone who has signed the petition, we are fighting the good fight, there is close to 5000 signatures on the petition at the time and over 7000 people in the group. For a movement that started 2 days ago that's damn impressive!!! The numbers on this site have even jumped a little from people googleing it, which has brought us over 30,000 views since we started racefriv a little over a year ago. FD is this weekend, has us shooting under them now which gives us the amazing opportunity to shoot the event on track this time. THANKS FittedLife! Its been a crazy week, KDF movie tommorrow night, FD Thursday and Friday, AMS drifting on Sunday for us and since this whole Turner Field thing came out where going to cut our drift day in half to go show support!!!Thats 4 strait days of drifting and I cant wait!.

UPDATE: Now with video!!!!

UPDATE: Sadly the council passed the  amendment today and basically killed organized drifting inside the perimeter. Drifting will never die in Atlanta though, it will continue on, we will find new places to drift and give our money to another venue. Its so sad that a small group of people can ruin a good time for 1000's of people. We will carry on, drifting isn't dead, actually its probably stronger now. Turner was awesome, but the next place will be even better.