Friday, April 27, 2012

S2 Drift @ Tuner Field Round 2!

Racefriv headed out to the second S2 Drift Turner Field this year and as always had a blast. Turner is always fun and its my favorite local track to drift these days. The best part about the S2 events is that they go out of their way to make different track layouts every time, which keeps it fresh and fun. Click read more for a TON of pics from the event and stay tuned to the racefriv channel because were releasing a video of the event in the near future!

First things first major props to my friend/doppelganger/corolla brother in arms Devin Thompson up there for strait killing it all day. The 20V in that little rolla was showing no mercy that day and for that you get the cover shot.  Proof that Corollas can smoke their tires!

Local legend Chris Ward came out to play in his S13/S14/Ls1 beast. He had some troubles getting through long beach but hes ready for Drift Atlanta, we got a small interview with him so stay tuned for that as well. Note: he really wants to thank everyone for all his local support, he couldn't stop taking about all the help he got getting through Long Beach but you'll see more in the interview soon!!

Shocking!!!!  And yes its got a blown LS motor.

Cant remember this guys name to save my life, but he's at every event and hangs with Seth and the midtown tire crew. Just about the most positive guy on the grid.

This guy was rocking it all day. Awesome car.

Im not sure if this is Turbo Dave himself but I know he built the truck. From what I remember its got a Tundra swap with Titan heads. Quite a head turner in Atlanta to see a drifting Toyota truck painted in the awesome Duke boys theme. Love it!!

Seth was out in his true form, killin it as always in his S14/Ls1

J.J. Alfano was one of the stars of the day, killing it in the big entry competition and owning the team tandem competition with Alex and....... I cant remember someone remind me!

Here is yours truly killing it in my clean 86, it may not be the fastest car out there (actually its the slowest) but it's funner than a bag of jelly in an East German prison. 

Who said Mustangs cant drift? There was quite a few out there that day almost all of them were having trouble keeping it from spinning, the track didnt seem to be quite mustang friendly.

Here is our local drift Jesus Mr S2 Howard Smith himself. This guy IS the reason Turner Field lets us drift their parking lot, with out him we'd have almost no place to drift in ATL.

A squeaky clean S13 flinging tire rubber.

So remember I mentioned that it was a tough track for Mustangs? Well (coming from a spectator and a driver) It was an AMAZING track for the AE86's out there.

Just about every 86 out there was doing awesome and I believe I counted 9 AE86's there that day. Thats a lot of rolla's in a sea of 240's!

Speaking of something different how about a big Diesel Merc 300 Wagon.

Great for naps!

and for power!

Devin eyeing some NOS!

Sticker shot!

This man from motormavens seemed to be into my gun print interior.

While I was telling Phil to quit taking pictures and get out of my way, its time to drift!!

This SR20 power rolla delivers pizza on the daily and smoke on the weekends.

E30 Anyone?

A Team Rowdy guy, damn they roll with some clean cars!

Sammy it seems that you have hit something today......No worries. Vert love!!


Where is that footage Devin?!

Talking about looking through the side window to drift!!!LOL  Im guessing there was mini skirt somewhere to the left of this pic!

Thanks for looking everyone !!! and stay tuned for an Interview with Chris Ward and a super fantastical video of the event!!!! Stay friv!!


  1. I got the GoPro from Dev's car... just gotta delete a buuuunch of videos from previous events off the card. -Brock

    1. Awesome I'd love a Raw file from Devin car on a good run!