Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wekfest 2012: California Dreamin Part.2

 Before you guys go further to read the show coverage, I just want to say that I had an amazing time out in Cali. For all you people that wonder whether it's worth it to fly out to the west coast to attend "just" a car show. Well for one, Wekfest is definitely not "just" a car show and I am going to tell you right now that it is 100 percent worth it. Going out to Cali for me was more than seeing the cars though. It was hanging out with friends, meeting new friends, eating amazing food, and enjoying the beautiful city of San Francisco.

On Sunday, we woke up bright and early because we had to get to the venue by 7 AM,  so Frank at Downstar Inc. could set up his booth. 

It was absolutely insane to see how many people were waiting in line to get into the show. Keep in mind the show didn't start till 1 PM. When we got there at 7 AM, there were already about 15-20 people in line. By 11 AM, it looked like this...

 Before shot in hanger 1

 During shot in hanger 1

Before shot in hanger 2

 During shot in hanger 2

 Downstar Inc/Bolt Boys JDM EG. Make sure you hit up for all your hardware needs.

 The show started at 1 PM so we had plenty of time to kill. Seeing all the cars roll in was probably my favorite part of the day. Drag civics...

...all the way to dumped VIP/Euro cars were rolling into the show.

There were Volks, Works, SSR, Project Mu, Endless, Brembos everywhere. I don’t really remember seeing a fake part at the show. I didn’t see any played out CCW’s out there either. The West coast knows what’s up.

 You’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t haven’t heard of RWB. I'm a huge fan of Mark Arcenal because of his brand and the fact that he's a fellow S-chassis owner and seeing his RWB in person is pretty surreal for me. Its really is hard to explain how amazing this car is and plus, the sound coming from the exhaust was mind blowing.

 This ISF was probably one of my favorites at the show. Matte black with an aggressive kit is something I can dig.

This S2K from the ATS crew was so nice. I usually don’t like the J’s Racing front but this car is perfect. Everything flows together. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that it was on bags….but hey, it’s a show car so whatever.

 Another from the ATS crew…Anh’s Type R won best Honda award and definitely deserved it. The body and the engine bay looked untouched. It was so clean you could have eaten off of it.

 This Charger was another one of my favorites. So aggressive and stance was perfect.

This EK hatch was super clean.

 This miata was pretty cool. Different but in a good way.

VIP Previa! My mom drives a white supercharged Previa so it was kinda funny to see one of these fixed up.

 Amuse S2000. So clean…

Extremely clean FD with LS7 swap. 

There were a few exotics present at the show as well.

Matte orange GTR. I think this car won best of show. 

 Slammed G35. Lovin' the color too. 

I'm always a huge fan of a properly done S-chassis.

Beautiful car...beautiful shot. I'm pretty proud of this one.

I never thought a Prius could look this good. Goin green while lookin gangsta!

BLING BLANG! This Porshe and the mocha macadamia frappe nut vdub was in the Rotiform booth.

I love white Evos...I love the TE37 super laps even more.

 Honda Insight on TE's. Can't say no to this...

Some FD love

Love the color on this IS300 with Miester S1R.

I have a silver TSX as a daily, so I was staring at this one for a minute. Wish mine looked this good.

BMW M3 on Work Meister S1 in Neo Chro. A little overdone in my opinion but still sick.

Nice color combo on this Evo.

I stopped by the Autofashion booth to say hi to my wifey, Ms. Julie Mai

So, I learned the hard way that Cali girls can hustle hard. I was helping clean up, and this model stopped me and asked me if I wanted to buy the new D-Sport magazine with her on the cover. I asked her how much and she told me 10 dollars. I laughed and told her I can buy it at newsstands for 5 bucks. So at that point she says ok, give me 5 bucks and you can buy it and I'll sign it for you. I thought ok, I haven't read the new D-Sport and I can read it on the plane, so I agree to buy it as long as she takes a picture with me. I get back to the hotel to read it and realize the magazine is from March 2011. Big time fail...

Thanks everyone for reading. Till next time! My next stop will be SEMA in November and then one day, Tokyo Auto Salon!

-Kevin Lu

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  1. Nice pictures Kevin. Loved the part about the girl hustlin' you man.