Thursday, February 2, 2012

GarageZero's Day Off

So recently, the GarageZero guys have befriended me (since AE-86 owners are automatically best friends for life) and they invited me to stop by the shop on their Saturday off..  I didn't know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised to see some of the most famous Atlanta area cars and there owners had come to hang as well. GarageZero asked me to take a couple of stills so I broke out the camera and grabbed the  photos below. 

(click read more to see how GarageZero roles on a "day off" 

Luke stopped by in his classic Mercedes Diesel sled, which you may remember from a couple of our past posts.  This thing is so low it digs fossils from the ground (and then uses them as fuel)

I love this car, and anyone with a beating heart should too!. Well done Luke. 

And a mister Totem stopped by in his vengeance Camaro.  Needless to say it's just about the sickest car I've ever seen, but more on this later. 

See, GarageZero builds pretty much anything old school, but their real passion is the old-school JDM cars.

They collect, restore, and rebuild just about any classic, but the old-school goodies like this TE71/72 Corolla is their bread and butter. Turbo, 4AG, and 4 doors, total win!

Their off day consist of lot of manual labor.....

The man in the back is Mr.Totem, and hes responsible for the great art work around the shop.

He's also the man responsible for this LS7-swapped Camaro. The man has good taste, what can I say? Anyways, he stopped by for a cam swap so John got down to business. 

...and everybody else just got to hanging out. 

big dog!

You can read more about the Camaro here on Amir's website..

Check on more GarageZero projects here. and if it's still under construction check them on Facebook here...

Thanks for checking the post everyone! Till next time everyone stay Friv!!

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