Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The SouthrnFresh @ 3FaceRacing Meet

Southrnfresh decided to start off the new year with a meet/dyno day at 3FaceRacing so the Racefriv crew decided to stop by and check out all the fun. As usual, it was an awesome meet with many styles represented from around the Atlanta area. So lets take a look at what showed up on this surprisingly warm January day.

A lot of different cars came out and the first thing I saw on the dyno when I walked in...

...was this cream machine rockin an LS swap. Wagon love!

Outside the shop was the typical Southrnfresh meet, lots of eye candy. This is the only pic I was able to get without a million people in it.

 It usually looked like this. It was slammed all day (like most of the cars!).

Even out into the street.....These Lexus's have really grown on me lately. 

Our friend Mike stopped by in his 1st-gen Civic. Can you say Classic Civic.... I know, it's hard to say. Get used to it though, as Racefriv has a Classic Civic project of its own.

A couple of suby's stopped by, the next meet like this should involve a 4wd dyno

...mostly because I want to see this beast run!!

But my favorite of the day was this diesel sled, so slammed that when they strapped it down it burned rubber in its own wheel wells! Throw in some black smoke it's an epic fail  WIN.

build animated gif

Cory brought out his supercharged S2000.  He installed the supercharger just a few weeks ago and he wanted to see what it would do on the dyno. This meet was the perfect place to test out the new setup. It pulled 270whp with a stock ecu. Not bad for an untuned 4 cylinder! 

Cory is now talking nonstop about how to raise the power. He's caught the horsepower bug for sure. 

Till next time everyone, stay friv!!!!! Thanks to Southrnfresh and 3face for setting up a great day!!!

Dont forget to stop by 3faceracing for all your spinning triangle of death (rotary) needs!!!!!


  1. Cory...You know who to talk to if you have S2000 tuning questions :P

  2. I didn't even see this! Thanks for the article man, it was a fun read!