Friday, December 30, 2011

Project: Scrap Metal Update 2!

Alright were heading at warp speed down the project car highway to hell.We've done quite a bit trying to hurry and get it done before the drift season. It may take us a little longer than we expected but when its done itll be beautiful  it might drift like champ. So sit back and take a look at what we've done to project scrap metal recently!!

So Ill try to go in order of how things went since last time we talked. I put the new diff in, and it went  without a hitch, the drive shaft fit great, the diff fit right up and all things are well with the tranny back. Then we started working on the engine. I didnt get a lot of pictures of working on the engine, we all know what it looks like, and I was to pissed off to take any pictures anyways. I custom fabed up an electric fan out of some stuff I had laying around and simple fan wiring kit from summit ($25) and since cory was super charging his S2000 he had some extra AEM intake parts laying around from back in the day, so we cut that up and made an intake, it came out pretty good.

(I tried to make this horizontal, blogspot wasnt having it. sorry)

So once it was all pieced together we moved on to the engine. The engine was rebuilt but wasn't running when I got it. The people I bought it from were a little clueless so we tried a couple of times then pretty much ripped apart everything to double check everything important. So Ill just make a list of what was wrong with it before I got it to make it eaiser. The guys I bought it from couldn't get it to start heres why.

Tps connector missing(I had my own harness no worries)
No o-rings on the injectors, causing it to hydro lock with fuel.
Head bolts werent torqued.
Intake gasket was from wrong year or model causing coolant to leak from intake.
Cams were backwards (intake on the exhaust side and vice versa)
Cams were pointed at same degree causing the intake side and exhaust side to go up and down at the same time. (lucky they some how got it to where nothing hit)
Distributor was 180 off.
Im sure theres more than that, but well stop there.

but while taking this all apart, im still happy with the purchase. The head IS brand new and ported, the block its slightly over board and the head is slightly decked. Rings, valves, etc.. all new. So still a good deal for basically free.

So after that we got the engine running and idling pretty well. So to tune it and get it at the right timing I decided to put an exhaust on it so it wouldn't be insanely loud while trying to get it to run. After looking through craigslist for a while and coming up with nothing good I decided just to build my own and this is what I banged out.

It came out pretty sweet, I already had a cat laying around (I live in an emissions county) and Summit Racing was having a scratch and dent sale on exhaust so I bought a mustang exhaust for $25 ( it has a duel exhuast so plenty to cut and work with). I bought a muffler and a Y-pipe and used the bends already in the pipes to make what you see above.

I tucked it in pretty well, getting it as close to the car as I could, I even had to hammer in the floor board in some places its so close. The first time we fired it up it sounded great, even set off the subaru alarm a couple of times, the cops came for some reason (jack ass neighbor) we all laughed and  I continued on.

Then I got on with swapping the doors. Out of all the things that  made me fell good about the project swapping the doors to coupe doors was pure awesome. The coupe doors are about 60 lbs lighter than the vert ones (are at least they feel like it). I pulled the doors apart and put the power windows in the doors I swapped in, all in all the power windows are about a pound or two heavier than the roll ups but with the vert top I had to have power.

It gets rid of that stupid pole coming out of the door and keeps the lines of the vert. 

Then on a fun day I decided to weld up a giant ebrake handle, I love it! I hammed in some tubing on one end  welded it to the old ebrake handle then welded a solid cylinder to the top. It feels pretty awesome.

Next up I needed to put the front end together, the fenders were pretty easy to get on, there B-Aero fenders so the fit up pretty nice, the door gap is pretty large but whatev. 

Then fabed up a bash bar for the front end and welded up some brackets (which arnt installed on the above pic) for the headlights and what not.

Here it is with headlights bolted up. 

The front bumber sits nicely on the bar and just zipties to the fenders, its actually pretty sturdy. It does look a little goofy in the pic, it doenst seem to in real life though. Its a drift car, nothing a little force cant fix if its actually a little off.

I also filled the trunk holes up where the spoiler was. There were 15 holes in the trunk lid for that one spoiler. Seriously Nissan, 15 holes? Also I put some backing on the antenna hole and removed it.

Speaking on the removal of things, we decided to take out all of the sound deadening crap. We gave the dry ice trick a try and wow. Its awesome.

It seriously works and probably knocked about 10 15 lbs off the car easy.

Then since I was in the mood to knock more wight off I cut out the entire back seat support, its a giant waste of metal, it weighed about 50 lbs and its not needed if your not running back seats so I cut it out, leaving the car back seat area like this.

Also what else do you see in that pic? No not the blue zipties, its a roll bar. I bought a full cage from brokedickracing. So far it looks pretty legit. I havent done much fit up yet, but so far it does look like its going to clear the vert top. It came in prenotched (thank you baby jesus) so it shouldnt take to much to put it together. Ill make a post just on the cage soon.

If you want to check out the past of the car look here for part 1 and here for part 2
Thanks for looking stay friv everyone!!!


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