Friday, December 30, 2011

Project: Scrap Metal Update 2!

Alright were heading at warp speed down the project car highway to hell.We've done quite a bit trying to hurry and get it done before the drift season. It may take us a little longer than we expected but when its done itll be beautiful  it might drift like champ. So sit back and take a look at what we've done to project scrap metal recently!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

FY Friday

For this fuck yes friday I will simply give you the purest motorsport image I can think of. The late Colin Mcrae powering through a river in his 555 Subaru which im pretty sure he just rolled. That's why we all liked Colin, like this photo shows, he was simply fresh out of fucks to give.  There was nothing better in the WRC than a hot headed Brit driving blue and gold Subaru.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Phil B's 2011 Photo Review

Hello and Merry Frivmas to you all.
Ish asked me to put a year end review together to talk about my favorite photo's of the year.  I think he gave me very loose instructions, he mumbled something about "favorite pics, gear or whatever."  I decided to make a post not just of photos but a little about how they were taken.  Some of this may be too "camera geek" for you, if so - shut up and look at the pictures.  If you like it then you'll probably like my blog, facebook page, or maybe even my youtube channel.  (Go like my facebook page - please - pwetty pwease)

I used the background from a Toyota ad - so credit to them for the background.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Random Snap: S2000 on a Wonderful Day.

    Its been great weather here in Georgia lately, especially for December. Its even better in a newly supercharged S2000. Enjoy.

Internet Love: Alexander Kuzmichev

So I ran into these videos from speedhunters. From Alexander Kuzmichev out of  mother Russia. The one below is probably one of the most feel good drift videos out, and do your self a favor and hit read more to see another great video by him which involves some amazing slo-mo.

Felix in Japan. from Alexander Kuzmichev on Vimeo.

FY Fridays.

So here at racefriv we have been pondering a few things. One was doing something weekly, just to keep the blog moving along. So here we are, our first.... Fuck Yes Friday. Sometimes it will be our photos, sometimes it will be something from deep within the intertubes. Either way it will be something that makes you say fuck yes.
I think the first one we can all agree on, a cobra on mountain roads is a big fuck yes indeed.

Photo courtesy of

Monday, December 5, 2011

Looking Back at Year One.

       So racefriv has come a long way in one year. We have worked our ass's off and its starting to show. Since this is just our one year mark I figured I'd take a little time out to thank everyone that's supported us in our infant stage. We have a lot to look forward to next year and  we dont plan on stopping this anytime soon, its just going to get bigger and better as time goes on. So here's my long list of supporters I'd like to thank! First off the wives and the gf's, thanks for letting us do what we love! Second to our supporters repp'n racefriv stickers and posting our links on facebook, it means more than you think!!!! So thanks Neil, Devin, Alex, Adam, Uriah, Lopez's(Lopei?), Chris, Seth and everyone who drifts around here, showing up to the events and starring in our videos. With out Georgia's amazing local drift community racefriv would have nothing to cover. Thanks to Clipping Point (a lot), thanks to Howard and S2 for Turner Field and thanks to SWD and Clear to Drift for hooking us up big time. Also thank you so much to our online supporters, especially SouthrnFresh who posted our stuff a couple of times, things have really blown up since. It means alot to us here at racefriv, it feels great to have the support of such an amazing online community. Thanks to Justin, Tj, Kevin and Cory for letting us shoot your cars!!! Thanks to garagezero and 3faceracing, we really hope we can do some garage cover stories with you guys in the near future(please!).  Thanks to all my friends helping out when they can, Audet, Glen, Cory and Tyler, keeping racefriv real. Most importantly I'd like to thank all the contributors here on racefriv, Phil lee, every time I think you've lost interest you come up with the most amazing post, Russel god bless you and the E30 of the year, racefriv wouldn't be the same without your boosted shenanigans. Parker, I cant say that I liked the fact you moved to Germany, (sad friend loss is sad) but you gave racefriv a great chance to go international, more power to you. And Phil Ball without you racefriv would still be getting 5 veiws a day, we're screwed without   This first year has been a mind blowing experience, starting racefriv, running all the drift cars, making videos for the first time, traveling for shoots and meeting the most amazing people along the way.  The blog numbers are looking good, the builds for next year are looking good, and the event schedule is filling up fast. I can't wait for next year, we already have tons of ideas and videos lined up. Shoots are in the playlist, and the builds for next year are happening right now! Next year will be epic and expect to see racefriv at every local event thats possible maybe even our own event!! Who wants to help?

Thanks -Ish!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Technical Corner - Talking Torques

One of the things I so often see misunderstood on the interwebs is the relationship between horsepower, torque and vehicle performance.  Im going to try my best to pitch this article at a level that makes it interesting, informative and not out of reach for the non math inclined.  Let me know how I do!

Other than being a photographer, and a pastry connoisseur for racefriv I have this totally awesome day job designing engines with a specialization in performance.  Every day I get to plan tests, look at dyno curves, emissions data and performance numbers.  this means I have a very long standing relationship with engine torque curves and how they matter to overall vehicle performance.  If you want to walk for a few minutes in my shoes follow the jump:

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thoughts on The New Toyota 86.

So I've dedicated a lot of my recent time reading, looking, talking about and thinking about the new Toyota/Scion/Subaru, 86/FR-S/BRZ. So I figured Id do a little thought dump here on the blog. See I dont really ever think about buying new cars because there aren't any I'd like to buy besides maybe the BMW 1M. There's no way I could justify spending that much money on a car. This new 86 however has peaked my interest ever since Ive heard there was a joint effort between Subaru and Toyota. Of course when everyone heard about this at first we all thought it was vaporware.. too good to be true. Coming from the owner of a WRX and AE86 I am glad to say It wasn't and they reveled it a few days ago. So here's some thoughts, info, and images Ive gathered from various car blogs around the net. Hit read more for some really interesting insight on what this new car is all about.