Sunday, November 6, 2011

The SouthrnFresh at Garage Zero Meet

So Southrnfresh recently came out and celebrated its 2nd anniversary at GarageZero  with a car meet, which included some of the nicest cars in Atlanta and the coolest people I've ever met at an "import" meet. I've never really been a huge fan of car shows, I'm a function over form kinda guy, but a meet like this is a must-go-to event. The cars that show up are usually someones daily driver or weekend fun cars, not too many built "just for show" cars come out which is what makes it a really awesome event. Real cars. Real people. Real fun.

(I've never seen this many AE86's in my life! It was epic!)

RaceFriv missed the first Southrnfresh meet this year because were out at a Clipping Point event. This event, luckly, was on a day I didnt have any drifting obligations so I decided to show up and check it out and I'm really glad I did.

Garage Zero is a shop that does about everything, but they really specialize in old Toyotas. So you can imagine there were some pretty sick Toyotas in attendance, including this rotary-swapped Starlet. SICK. It was boosted, so im guessing 13B. Wow.

Old 4wd Tercel. Yes please!!

But it wasn't just Toyotas, plenty of other makes were there. Its not to often you see a clean mx-5 next to a Grand National.

People these days are always looking for the ultimate car/wheel combo, well this old Merc diesel slammed on BBSs is about as awesome as it gets.

There were plenty of nice cars out there, but I have to say this one was my favorite. An old Infiniti ready for drift duty. I'm down.

Speaking of Infiniti, some VIP cars made their way onto the lot.

Lexus on SVT wheels? Love it!

In the second parking lot there was a clean sexy Evo.

Our good friend Kevin came out in his S15...

and his friend Parker came out with his LS1-swapped RX-7.

This car wins the prize for best sticker ever...

RaceFriv loves our S2000s.

Umm wow, that's an insane NSX...not something you see everyday.

There was so many great cars there that I wish I could do a spotlight on every one, but alas, I cannot.

So the Southrnfresh meet, as you can see, was sick. Free burgers and NOS for everyone, the cleanest cars in Atlanta, and a great atmosphere. What more could you ask for? I couldnt think of a better way to spend my day. I cant wait till the next one thanks for looking everyone!!!!


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