Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Turner Field We Missed You, Glad You're Back

Finally our pictures exhumed themselves from the tomb of Russel's hard drive and have come back as drifting pics worth printing out and putting on your next resume. Turner Field holds a special place in my heart and I'm sure a lot of other people, when it comes to drifting. It was gone but not forgotten and now it has returned to the grassroots homeland of drifting in GA. So lets get to it, Turner Field by S2, Round 1!!!

The tandem this year was sick, and the Atl rocked it like it always does.

With lots of smoke!!!

and total chaos!!!!

Always a pro, I see this guy all the time, kills it all day everyday, go get a beater man and join the tandem, your way over due for it.

This guy ^ as well.

some E30 love!! we love some old school around here.

A slide G35

Keeping with red a very sideways S14.5

You don't see many of these going sideways, this guy had it down pretty good though.

Our good friend SrsBsns doing what he does best.

Not sure if you watch top gear, but if you do this car was having a crisis the entire time. WAhHHWWAHAH

Seth Jones always a crowd favorite withe the LS1 S14. Thanks for rocking the racefriv sticker man!!

Another midtown guy rocking it with the battleground built s13/s14.5/ls1

Heres another view. I rode in this car when it stopped by Clipping Point in Cordele, It was like riding a bull during an earthquake. Totally insane. Loved every second of it. Badass car.

LS1..woodgrain wheels...thats all you need to know.

Spoiler Alert: Did you ever watch Lost?...remember the smoke you know where it came from.

Oh Georgia.

Now for a montage of S13's that are built to look amazing whilst sliding.

At Clear to Drift I was behind this car in the line, and somebody ran up and yelled "stupid clean" since then I've know it as the 'stupid clean S13"

Ok well that's it everyone. I know this was a long post, thanks for taking a look. We only took 700 photos :) so it took a while to cut them all down. There are a few more photos here on Russels flicker page. If we missed someone you can add a comment below and if Russel has time he may find a good one for you.

Thanks again for looking.

Goodbye and stay Friv everyone!!!



  1. Nice pix of a silly lifestyle..... Boies, time to grow up...... OMG, if you could see how frivolous this seems to 90% of the planet. Best to save your $ for something that matters (i.e a good woman, a family, a future home ;-) "Just Saying...." ;-)

  2. "how frivolous this seems" love it!

  3. Honestly this is a sport that brings family and friends together. Its something for the whole family to enjoy and its a hell of a lot better than just watching TV all day. People that build cars are usually people who have a pretty good grasp on life already and many of us already have a good woman, a family and a home.. (with large garage of course)