Monday, September 5, 2011

Some Star Cars!

So I recently hit up Dragon Con 2011, it was insane as always. I checked out the parade to see what would come by and to my surprise there were some pretty sick cars in it. My friend Audet  took a few pics so I stole a few from his camera and figured I'd show to everyone on here. Enjoy!


I guess not really the car but you needed to see it anyways.

A pretty sweet Mach 5, and it sounded pretty bad ass as well.

A cobra hummer.... why not.. both are evil.(I secretly really want one)

OJ Simpson Bronco with the top off, filled with MW2 guys. cool.

Specking of Bronco's, how bout a Bronco with roll bar mounted missiles. Sick.

To simple but had to include it.

Umbrella Co would pick an HHR.


Saved the best for last, I would daily drive this. Thanks for checking it out!.

Ken Vader or Dark Block?

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