Saturday, September 24, 2011

Clipping Point Rd 5 Still photos

Round 5 of The Clipping Point. You've seen the video, here are some stills from the event.  We may have more to show with time but this is whats up right now.

Russ looking all chilled out.  No fucks were given that day

It fun seeing all the different ways people personalize their helmets.  

This round had plenty of participation, most of Pit lane was full and there was others parked in the infield

Keep drifting fun.  That's what its all about

For the last few events we managed to miss getting shots of this guys car.   Right after the event it got wrecked :(   I am sure its remembered fondly

There were some fender benders in the tandem class, nothing that a hammer couldn't straighten back out. 

Ish isn't the only one with an AE86, but he was the only one rocking the original 4AG motor.  While not original I did find this pleasing to the eye.  The owner also showed us what's up on the track too.

An err minor "off" near the racefriv tent.  Bricks were shat, Russ still said "meh"

The duke boys showed up, got some mad air bro.  That wall is about 2 feet high, the gouges are fresh...

Parker Stayin' frivolous.

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  1. Haha, I like that you can see the rubber bits all over my face!