Saturday, September 10, 2011

10000 Views! Woot!

So we hit a small milestone for us... 10000 views in less than one year!!!!! We know its not a lot, but its something to be proud of for us. So if you click read more I put a little compilation of some of my favorite photos from racefriv's past.

Go ahead and click it, you know you want to. 

This is in no order by the way. 

 Thanks everyone for supporting us! It really means a lot. We have only been going at this for maybe a year now and were getting better and better all the time, with better equipment, more events, sicker cars, and more random shit than you can shake a stick at. We love doing this and to know that others are enjoying what we cover as well just bring a smile to my heart.:)<3. (heartsmile) So thanks everyone repping our stickers and spreading the word. We hope racefriv goes places and becomes a big time blog for the east coast. So much awesome shit goes down out this way its a shame not to show it all. So here's to 10000 more views and beyond.

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