Monday, August 15, 2011

Some are built for comfort, but these were built for speed.

Some cars are built for laptimes, some for gas mileage, some for practicality, but few cars are built for pure joy. Click read more if you would like to peer into the soul of a pair of one of the greatest Japanese sports cars ever built. 

In the late 90's Honda was turning 50 and was pretty impressed with it self and decided to build a car to celebrate it with them. Enter the S2000. Around 2001 Honda was replacing the Integra with a fatter, uglier, and horribly named car, the RSX, while replacing the tuner grand champion- swiss army knife car, the Civc, with a loaf of bread.

Little did we know that when Honda seemed to be killing all the fun, they were releasing one of the greatest cars of all time. For my generation it was the next step after the Del Sol and CRX but for Honda is was a   kind of a throw back car taking a name and idea from the S500/600/800 roadsters it started its automotive brand with. (cars that had chains not drive shafts.) 

Honda has always been the master of making cars as fun as Lamborghini's but with the simplicity of a willy's Jeep and at a price a teenager can afford. The S2000 is no exception, 2.0L (later 2.2L), front engine, rear wheel drive, low weight and no roof. The perfect combination. 

My two good friends Cory and Justin just happen to own a couple so lets take a look at two different versions of Honda's greatest roadster. 

It took us about an hour to get this shot, this shot was taken in the one second between constant laughter of how "hard" they would look. ha!

Justins car is a prime example of an AP1, with a Mugen hard top he painted himself along with an AP2 bumper (due to a freak palate destroying accident) this car was built to be clean with a whole lot of go in mind.

Well how much go? Take a look below, that's a Comptech supercharger pushing 6psi replacing the missing torque commonly found in the high revving 2.0 Motor. (lol)

Its not all go though adding some sparkle paint to wheels always puts a smile on my face.

Business in the front.

Party in the Back.

The first car we ever shot was Justins other car, a slammed Accord, it was before we got our act together on the site and everything.

Check it here.

Now moving on to Corys car,

Cory's followed the tried and true method of "keep is simple stupid". Carbon hood, Work wheels, custom spoiler, intake, headers and thats about all you need to make your S sick, I mean why mess with perfection right? Also Cory's car is most likely the 25th S2000 ever made, its a 2000( the first year) with the VIN ending in 000025. I like to think that the engineers were still closely watching the assembly line when this one was built, and giving each other high fives or whatever Japanese people do when something awesome happens.

I love the driver setup in S2000's, by far the best setup in any newer car. 

Although I may like Justins car a little more, damn that red is photogenic, its glorious!! (also those shades)

Thanks for taking a look at our small tribute to one of the best cars Honda's ever built, if not one of the best cars of all time.

Till next time everyone, stay friv.

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