Friday, August 19, 2011

Snake charming a GT500 Shelby Mustang

We dont usually feature cars that are totally bone stock, but when we do its because they are bat gauno insane.  We took a look at a C6 Z06, here is Fords Orange to the Corvettes Apple, The Mustang GT500.  The mustang is a different kind of animal from the vette, and not just for having 2 more seats in the back.  This is more of a muscle car than a sports car, and in most respects a more practical and comfortable car too.  However having 550hp on tap from the factory and the ability to turn the boost up and make totally ridiculous power with Ford approved parts makes this car popular with the bang/buck crowd.

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It rained on us really hard when the owner Robert arrived.  We had to do some drying before we got down to business.

Until recently the top of the line Mustangs were just called SVT Cobra's, a few years back Shelby got back together with Ford and since then they have added his name to them

Roberts choice of red stripes on black continues all over the car.

The mustang interior is particularly impressive.  The cobra theme and the stripes continue too but most impressive is the fit and finish, the comfort (of the front seats!).  Gone is the cheap and cheerful feeling from the mustangs of the 1980's and 1990's.

It almost goes without saying that the car has a 6 speed manual transmission.  I thought the white shifter knob was a nice touch.

More Snake on the front.

The front of the Shelby is all business.  Thanks to Robert for letting us crawl all over this car and sharing the photos. 


  1. Man this shoot was crazy, it hailed and all. Scary stuff im just glad we planned to do it in that garage. whew....

  2. This is the other snake i'm talking about (other one is viper).