Tuesday, July 12, 2011

State of the Tuning

Read a post on speedhunters.com today and it was one of the better post Ive ever read on there (and I love them all). I added to the comments, realizing I went on a bit of a rant, I decided to copy it here with a few photos of home made awesomeness, because the people they interviewed seemed pretty negative about the community and I disagreed.

I think that tuning as a whole has hit a whole new level. What people dont understand is all these shops HKS, GReddy etc.. were started in some dudes garage when he decided to make his own parts because no one made what he wanted or it was to expensive.

 In an economy like this where companies are failing and people have less money, yes some people buy knock off parts, but the real core of enthusiast start leaning how to fabricate there own parts. Im seeing this all over the place, people are breaking out the welders and grinders more than ever before. This is what starts the cycle all over again. I think the tuning community has lost its popular look now and has returned to more of a grass roots based group of people which I think is awesome.

 Stance is just the new show but at least its about nice wheels and suspension as opposed to loud exhaust and clear tail lights.Stance is show, and show will always be around. Drifting will take the tuning community to the next level when it comes to the go side. The grassroots movement in drifting is exploding and every small town in the US is holding events from the west to east coast. Its fun to watch, fun to do, and pretty cheap, which is the perfect combo for a sport to move up.

I disagree with the doom and gloom, I think its stonger than ever, theres a whole lot more love going around now that the rice boys have moved on. You have to have a strong core to base a community off of, and I think today its stronger than ever.

Thanks for reading and check the original speedhunters post here.

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