Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Clipping Point Drift Practice. Drift Flu

So Racefriv.com made it out again to Clipping Points drift practice round. As always we had an awesome time. This was one of those events that just had a great vibe from beginning to end despite the pouring down rain. Honestly the rain made it a whole lot better between the rain drifting and the "other" distractions it was truly an event like no no other.

So this time we didnt take as many photos, but we took a ton of video. So as always you can ask in the comments below and well see if have something but we might not this time. 

Like I mentioned before we leaned more towards video this time and were currently feeding our big hairy video making hipster robot all the video we have and sometime about next week he should poop out something decently coherent and watchable. 

As always there was a big turn out with all sorts of different cars 

Snagged this from my girlfriends camera, it explains the epic rain that attacked Watermelon speedway but most people had no problem with this and decided to have a little fun while saving on tires. 

(I just noticed this looks just like our banner) 
Russell "Killin It" Klem

The best part the clipping point practices is that they follow the main rule of drifting....

keeping it fun!

Thanks again to all the Clipping Point guys and the volunteers. You guys are keeping the drift scene alive and well in Georgia. Stay tuned for video in the near future. 

Also I just heard the next one is August 14th. Dont miss it!

Also check out last rounds here.


  1. Awesome article Ish. Thanks for coming out and we hope to see you at the next one which is correct, August 14th CLipping Point Presents RD.4 "Calm After the Storm". From the Clipping Point staff and myself thanks again Ish!

  2. It was a blast! It's us who owes Clipping Point a thank you.

  3. hey guys you didnt happen to catch any video of the black car with a camo hood did you if so could u please email them to me @ skinnyslide@gmail.com

  4. we have video coming soon. I'm not quite sure who all will be in the final cut, but I'm sure we will include everyone we can!