Tuesday, July 26, 2011

3500 Miles, One S2000, 12 States, 4 days..... One Epic Road Trip Part.4

So its taken me quite a while to get to this last part with racefriv being busy with other projects lately, but better late than never, here you are, the final chapter in our great american road trip.

First, if you missed out on the first 3 segments click below.

So the last the post had a lot of shenanigans and cute rodents, this part.........wont. Simply because there is nothing in Wyoming and Nebraska. Nothing. Not to say that there not beautiful in there own way (really Nebraska just is horrible) there really is just nothing in either state. 

So at this point, we came to the conclusion that if we were to make it back in time for me to get to work when I needed to we nad to drive 1000 miles a day. Two days, 2000 miles...... We drove from Salt lake to Kansas City in one day then Kansas City to Atlanta the next. It was going to be a loooooong night. 

So we saw a whole lot of nothing, and one oil well.

and then what I can only explain as a left over Mad Max set in the middle of the Wyoming desert. 

Then a whole lot of nothing. 

Then the sun set on us.

Then the bugs came out. Literally these bugs were filled with cow shit, it was one of the most horrible smells I have ever known. We ended up driving through what we thought was rain turns out, it wasn't. The highway was next to a slaughter house and what we thought was rain was actually a wall shit filled bugs. This is not fun in a vert, but I cannot imagine the horrors the motorcycles riders deal with out here.  Nebraska...dont go there. 

Then we drove all through the night and stopped in a small town next to Kansas city, it was so late all the rooms were filled except the business suite and there was a Jacuzzi surrounded by mirrors in the room. There's only one type of business that needs a mirrored Jacuzzi people, just one, your not fooling anyone. 

Then saw this odd arch thing,

and a fairly large river,

Then the sun went down on us again and we made it to Atl by about 4 am. also we saw the line to get into bonaroo, it was 20 MILES LONG. 

This was simply the most amazing journey, it really was. I cant believe I didnt take a trip like this sooner. There are just some parts of our great nation that everyone needs to see. I only saw a tiny fraction of what this vast land has to offer. It took us 4 days to cover a tiny strip at 80mph . It really shows how much there is to explore out there. So what are you waiting for, we did it in an s2000 so you have no excuses, go out there and see what you've only seen through the intertubes before. Also I highly recommend a convertible, trips like this should be in a panoramic view. 

thanks till next time everyone.


If you missed out on the first 3 segments click below. 

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  1. Super! You two guys are awesome! And I do believe I am not in a rush to visit Nebraska!
    Thanks for sharing! Heidi Doo