Sunday, June 19, 2011

Clear to Drift 2011

So made it out to Clear to Drift hosted by StreetWiseDrift in Thomson, GA this past weekend, and no doubt it was the most professional drift event I've seen in GA besides the Formula D events. Held at the Thomson airport to raise money for the tiny city of Thomson; throw in drag racing, gymkhana, drifting and a car show...and you have pretty sick event on your hands.

Racefriv made it out there pretty early ready to drift the rolla, and Parker made it out to Gymkhana the S2000(the white one). I promise it's in the picture!

Our support vehicle is a slammed S2000. I guess that just how we roll.

Walking around the paddocks before the event you could tell this was going to a drift exhibition of epic proportions.

My favorite car of the day, and my personal competition. (He was better)

Both these cars were "stupid clean" and stayed that way the entire event. The white one was actually a verrrrrryy good drifter.

No bumper, no hood, no worries.

So those are a few pics to prove that Georgia is getting into drifting scene. Ill be honest drifting is perfect for Ga. Hooning cars is in our blood, Nascar started here, dukes of hazzard, the very first Formula Drift was at Road Atlanta, lots of AutoX national champs come from our region, Petit Le Mans..... we fucking love racing. Georgia and drifting go together like mooshine and horsepower, it may not be the best idea, but its going to be damn exciting before its all over with.

So lets get to the drifting.

They had a pretty sick course set up.

The tandem guys started off wayyy down the runway into a huge right turn.

To a big left turn wth a clipping point

Then around another set to a big loop (with scary concret blocks).

That brought you out it here to cross that cone you see there. A pretty sick course.

This S14.5 had a V8 swap proven by the massive amount of tire smoke.

Love the green, also a great driver.

If I remember right this BMW had a KA swap.

Here's little ol' me trying for sideways.


A vert!!

The nos drift tour guys really killed it allllll day.

I'd be way to scared to drift this beauty.

Sick! Here a vid with ton of drifting and... a helicopter. was there filming everything and sure will have a incredibly sick video of the event. ( I hope im in it, crossing fingers)

Frivolous indeed.

All in all I had an awesome time!!! I learned a ton and cant wait to keep going to events. I learned incredible amount here, definitively getting faster and more consistent. I feel like the Corolla is going to hold up to the drive there and back plus all the drifting through out the day so I'm not so scared of thrashing on it anymore. Starting off I'm glad I picked the 'rolla to learn on, for one people love it, and two its slow as hell so I can get used to going all out just to make a third gear turn. Also its a great handling car and I will say with just a few minor tweaks it really handles like a go cart now.

Thanks Thomson, Thomson-airport, Cory and Grant, all the people that came out, SWD, the course workers for clear for drift and everyone that showed. Glad we killed it this weekend, and proved that Ga is truly ready for more events and we want more!

Also a special note due to the problem of the Racefriv people also driving all the time we don't have any pictures of Parker in the S2000 owning the gymkhana event, all you need to know that it got first place, besting Lotuses, 510s, and M3s. Well done mate!

Till next time!

P.S. If you were there and we dont have a pic up send us an email we may have something just let us know.

Special request pics:

That cap is doing you no good like that mate. :)

Here one of my pretty crappy runs, Grant only took one video so this is the best I got. But evidence of drifting non the less.


  1. What, no footage of me taking the M3 for a loop?

  2. Hey there Race Friv... I talked to Russ about this, but figured I'd get y'all in on it too. When we run banners on our large format machine we sometimes have empty areas... which means I could print a banner for you in that empty space... I'll try and make it as close to 3' wide by however long your art works out to.

    I think Russ was asking Mr. Klem to put something together but if you've got another designer who can work something up asap I will keep it at the ready for the next time there's an open spot on the machine. It can be full color, please convert all text to outlines, high res pdf file would be preferred.

  3. Any more pics of the blue and orange S13 coupe?

  4. Whats up team rowdy. Done. and ill get you something kate.:]

  5. I think I got all the "Thompsons" changed to "Thomson" now haha

  6. This is what is needed to put Thomson on the map...The event was professional and a success.
    Many thanks to Josh and Howard for putting this together...Lets do it again soon...!
    Bill P.

  7. Any pics of the other black Corolla would be appreciated as well; the one on Centerlines and QR code on the door.