Friday, June 24, 2011

3500 Miles, One S2000, 12 States, 4 days..... One Epic Road Trip Part.3

So we have driven the epic US101 down the coast, ate breakfast at a casino, and played with trash in the great salt flats. Its time to move from the flat desert land into the great Rocky Mountain Range. The journey has been long and hard so far, but we had no idea what was coming for us next. If you want to check out the past two posts,  part one is here and part two is here. If you like squirrels and discount tire then read below.

So at the end of the salt flat we ran into some mountains with a rest area with the most amazing view. 

Just look how far you can see. I have never seen more land in my entire life in one place before. A lot of people say epic these days, this my epic. 

I really really loved this place but we had to move on so we took the top down and moved some stuff to get going.

Yes a road trip in an S2000 is a lot like packing  ikea crap back into the box because its all broke when you get it, theres no way it was in there before... I have no idea how to get all back in

So a million hours later we got going.

So at the end of the slat flat there is the Great Salt Lake (of salt lake city of course) and its a lot more like a sea than a lake. Almost endless in length and saltier McDonalds french fries. However it is amazingly beautiful.

So we barley make it into Salt Late City and disaster strikes. All of our worries, hopes, sanity, patience, joy and pain comes crashing down on us with one floppy ride across the lake....The tire had blown. 

Cory was about 2000 miles off on how long his tires would last.

So here on the highway we had to take all that crap out you saw before to get the spare. Thank god cory had a spare (which only had 5 psi in it like all spares do) but it got us to the next exit. 

Here cory is already looking for tires. Thank baby Jesus that this happened in Salt Lake City, the biggest city for like 2000 miles. Otherwise finding a 255/35/18 tires in the middle of the desert would have been an impossible task. So here we got a hotel, found a bar and got slammed with Tom the bartender in the restaurant next to the airport. It was only $4.50 for a 1.5 drink of jack and coke. Not bad, also the pizza was the best ive had in a loooong while. Highly recommend it in case you ever have a flat in salt lake.

Again thank the baby Jesus we were in salt lake, there are no joke 11 Discount Tires in that city. Couldn't ask for a better place to have a flat. The best part is that they popped the trunk and saw what we had in there and then just handed us the spare and said "shes all yours". Anyways we hit the road then, drove around salt lake city for what felt like a fortnight then got on the highway.

Drove through some great mountain highways.

Then came upon this little rest stop. We thought it looked cool so we stopped, then found these little guys.

Squirrels with no tails(because theres no trees I assuming) that would eat right out of your hand.


They where really into Jalapeno Cheese-Its.  

Till next time stay tuned for part 4 the final countdown.

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  1. Ok, you know I really love the squirrel part!
    Oh yeah, and the part that my kid didn't get squashed changing a tire in the middle of the road! Thanks for posting, great job Ish!