Wednesday, June 15, 2011

3500 Miles, One S2000, 12 States, 4 days..... One Epic Road Trip Part.2

So this is Part 2 of our amazing S2000 cross country trip. Part one can be found here 3500-miles-one-s2000-12-states-4-days-Part 1. The first leg of our journey was the easiest part of our trip. Now its time for the long haul.

After the amazing coast of north Califonia we drove endlessly through the night, in the rain, in a rear wheel drive car through the mountains, half asleep. We did all this only to stay in a super 8 hotel that I can almost guarantee more than one hooker was killed in. But we didnt care we slept hard and woke up ready to roll through Reno.

(All I know about Reno I learned from Reno 911, turns out, that show is spot on)

This was next to our hotel in Reno. No Photoshop at all, thats really what they had up there, and of course we got gas there. Surpreme is a leg..... oh geez. 

So we woke up, its Monday morning, and we go eat at a casino for some reason (because its awesome). Reno is a strange place, Reno is an extremely strange place on a Monday morning inside a casino at a 5 dollar steak restaurant. Its like when you go the the strip club to get lunch, or when you return to the bar the next day to get the debit card you left last night. Some places just shouldn't be open at that time of the day. This was one of those places. So we froze to death, ate a breakfast burger,  watched a homeless man beat on our car (for real), and left.

So the open road. The trip from Reno to Salt lake is the definition of open road. Its pretty amazing, extremely windy, and so flat you go cross-eyed just trying to comprehend everything you can see at that one moment. Whats most amazing is that someone(s) built that fence. That fence goes on for the next 600 miles.

Its 40 degrees at this point so dont give us any shit about the top.

 It was an entire day to Salt lake so we cracked open some redbull and got to it. 

To prove our point. Snow. Yes Snow in Nevada in June. ??? We were at about 7000 feet though.
Very soon though we came back down and it was instantly warm. 

Then it became very desert like. An then.....

The Salt Flats......Flat salty land all the way to the horizon. Who knew america was so vast? Being from the east I have to say everyone needs to see this part of the country. 

Fuck yes.

At this point Cory found a hubcap and rolled it. The wind was so powerful and the flats were so flat that it never stopped rolling, it just went on and on and on forever. We couldn't control our laughter, not sure if it was the insanity of all the flat strait roads or if we are just easily amused(we are). Its out of this world flat. 

So much so that this sadly wasn't a rare sight. It looked like some truckers here and there made there own exit. But really Id much rather hit this than one of those redwoods. 

Yep real salt.
I have to say I enjoyed the salt flats, theres absolutely nothing there, yet it was so fun. Well stop part two here. Stay on look out for part 3 soon. 

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  1. Oh man! I'm headed out of town and can't wait for part 3. Love the pics - thanks!! HeidiDoo