Friday, June 24, 2011

3500 Miles, One S2000, 12 States, 4 days..... One Epic Road Trip Part.3

So we have driven the epic US101 down the coast, ate breakfast at a casino, and played with trash in the great salt flats. Its time to move from the flat desert land into the great Rocky Mountain Range. The journey has been long and hard so far, but we had no idea what was coming for us next. If you want to check out the past two posts,  part one is here and part two is here. If you like squirrels and discount tire then read below.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Lesson In JDM

A lot of people talk about JDM these days. JDM stands Japanese Domestic Market meaning cars or whatever made for only the Japan market. Today JDM is used for so much more, people have put JDM branding on everything these days. Its really sad that "JDM" is almost looked down upon these days mainly becuase of all the ebay'rs, craiglisters, and trash talkers that call everything under the sun JDM just to sell a few products to some out of the loop kids. But it wasnt always like that. There was once an amazing time where JDM truly stood for something and our good friend TJ is here to show what a true JDM car is really about.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Clear to Drift 2011

So made it out to Clear to Drift hosted by StreetWiseDrift in Thomson, GA this past weekend, and no doubt it was the most professional drift event I've seen in GA besides the Formula D events. Held at the Thomson airport to raise money for the tiny city of Thomson; throw in drag racing, gymkhana, drifting and a car show...and you have pretty sick event on your hands.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

3500 Miles, One S2000, 12 States, 4 days..... One Epic Road Trip Part.2

So this is Part 2 of our amazing S2000 cross country trip. Part one can be found here 3500-miles-one-s2000-12-states-4-days-Part 1. The first leg of our journey was the easiest part of our trip. Now its time for the long haul.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

3500 Miles, One S2000, 12 States, 4 days..... One Epic Road Trip Part.1

People always say the journey is the destination, In this case my destination was truly a journey. One journey that included 17 hour drives, eating at a casino, jack and cokes, giant trees, freezing deserts, hot mountain sides, staying at the dead hooker inn, feeding squirrels, endlessly searching for premium gas, singing karaoke, and driving an amazing convertible across an entire country.  This was our journey.

Monday, June 6, 2011

4:00am Tofu Delivery

"The peaceful morning of Mt. Akina was awaken by the induction sound of a 20valves 4AGE spinning near 10,000rpm, driven by Takumi Fujiwara, drifting through the 5 continuous hairpin; he trail-brake passed the entrance and the rear bumper of the Hachiroku started to slide towards the guard rail, leaving only10 centimeter of room..."

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

speed limits - and why you can drive a bit faster than them

So this is an op-ed piece, take it for what its worth - less than 2 cents - and in no way represents sound legal advice.  It comes from hours of driving a two lane road to work, a road with only a few passing opportunities and a 55 speed limit.  Some drivers really try to stick to the 55 speed limit, others (like me) prefer the 60-65 range.  Those aiming for 55 often slow down for turns and hills resulting in a mismatch between expectations and reality for people like me (that's my polite way of saying that they're blocking the fucking road)

I want to use totally infallible logic to explain why doing more than the speed limit is OK, and why it should be expected and why most people should do it.  I realize that of course this might seem a little odd considering the speed limit is supposed to be the "Maximum" permissible speed - so let me explain.

I want to get where I'm going before this sign rusts away to nothing