Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Project Scrappy: I like big blocks and I can not lie.

So ok, we changed the name a little and I stole that title from Ball. But that doesn't matter, what does matter is that we got our hands on a Lq4 in good shape. Its a 6.0 thats very close to ls2. Same style just used in trucks and with an iron block. This one coming from a Hummer H2, and as you would assume once we pulled the heads off it looks like it had a pretty easy life.


This is going to be a long build. But once its done itll be pretty insane. Also probalby the only S13 vert with a 6.0. Hell yes.

Still need to find ls1/ls2 accessories from an f-body/ss/vette/cts-v/GTO. A good cam, a ls6/ls1 manifold, clutch, pressure plate, etc..   We need a 6.2 for those great l92 heads, and a t56 transmission. Anybody have any of that? email us at racefriv@gmail.com


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