Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Project: Scrap Metal

So this post will be a prime example why you dont search craigslist when your bored. Here I am with the AE86 just finally getting wheels and tires for it, and of course I go and find something like this, an S13 vert.

Click read more to find out why im calling this project scrap metal.

So the Great
-Brand new top
-Mint Glass all the way around
-hard to find trunk in good shape
-it was only $300 (I mean really an S13 vert for like an xbox and two games? sold!)

The good
-doors are ok
-doesnt seem to be any leaks
-clean GA title
-dash is in good shape (only one crack)

Also the front is not damaged  and includes suspension, steering, and uncut harness, however...

The Bad!!
-it has no front end (but a jdm front clip will surly fix that)
-Passenger side panel is fucked with a capital F. (like this...Fucked!)

(so fucked that dog wont even look at it)

-the suspension arm is bent, doesnt seem like the mounts are, just the arm and the seller threw in a extra one of those anyways.

Note: the passenger door closes and opens perfect, so theres that, but the B pillar back will need a whole new panel and probably some 5lb mallet massaging.

So Im calling this project scrap metal because.... well..... I really really want this car to live, but if I cut of that quarter panel out and the body underneath has been damaged (say a really bent b-pillar) ill have to part it and scrap it (which will reimburse me a couple of times over at least)  I love S13's and always wanted one, and for some reason I only wanted a vert. I know they are heavy and weak,  but a full roll cage (which is 10 times easier to weld in a vert) and removal of the vert top (to sell) will put it in to normal s13 territory. Plus it will have no roof, which makes it 10 times cooler. Hopefully racefriv can salvage this car and bring it back to life, even if that means some widebody fenders, and jdm front end, a cage, and an Ls1. I took things a little softly on the AE86 because I consider it a future classic (it already is) but I dont have the same feeling for s13s so I feel pretty free to go all out with the welder and cutting wheel. Ill keep you posted on how things are going, and let everyone know pretty soon the fate of Project Scrap Metal. (crossing fingers)

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