Thursday, April 14, 2011

Project: Betty White.

So Racefriv's project Betty White, the little AE86 that could, has finally come into its own. It been a lot of work, too much money, and has taken up way too much time. Still it was worth it by a long shot. I couldn't ask for more, it seems that every time something was improved, it just seemed.... happier. If you dont get that, well you probably haven't ever driven an AE86.

Its strange, you put bigger/sticker tires on there and all it wants to do is drift, it knows, it feels better about its self, it want to make you giggle, it likes the fact that you take care of it. 

This is one of those cars that make less noise when you slam it. You dont know why, maybe its the way it should have been all along. 

As some of you know this went from a hellaicous looking car, to one that, well... looks like the one you see up there.
Look here to see where it was just this time last year.

The car is not perfect by anymeans, but I dont give a damn. Why? because racecar daily driver. Thats why. 

Front lip from a camry, yep old camry's came with lips. oem Toyota!

Good fit on the wheels, slammable and usable. 

(Jesus it was blinding outside)

Since this is a car blog that doesnt hide the nasty bits, here you go. An ugly, but working very well engine bay. At some point a swap will be called for, and thats when the bay will get a new look, but untill then im going to trash on this little guy.

The always important sticker shot.

So thanks to everyone that helped, Darci for letting me do what I love, Cory for paint help, Glenn for taping (haha), John for bushings, and Parker for welding. This project is only going further, but hopefully with a lot more track time involved.

And just incase someone thinks I bought it this way, here ya go. This is day one.